Why does Everyone Needs a Mentor?

Why does Everyone Needs a Mentor?

No matter where you are working professionally, you should have a mentor who can guide you properly towards a successful path. You are never successful or influential alone because a good mentor can benefit you at any age during your career. 

There will always be some people who can offer you valuable guidance and advice in several stages of your career and life at different stages. 

That’s why we all need a good mentor in our life, and everyone should try to figure out a good mentor who can guide them throughout their career to achieve countless success.    

It’s true that success can’t be achieved in a vacuum; we need other people’s insight, guidance, resources, assistance at any point through this beautiful journey.

Now let’s know some of the great qualities of any good mentor.

Qualities of great mentors 

Qualities of great mentors

Great mentors deliver imperceptible resources and crucial tools which are not available in the market. These things are all about their experience, which comes with practical knowledge.

Great mentors are like the wind for some one’s wings, and here are six great qualities you will find in every great mentor like

  • They always show curiosity in your success 
  • They entrusted in your success
  • They mostly aligned with your interest
  • They usually try their best to help you to become successful and best in your life 
  • They always compliment you 
  • They will never be afraid of your success      

Here are some valid reasons why everyone does need a mentor

Reasons to have a mentor

Proper coaching 

Mentors usually coach you and prepare you the best in your working field. They are always curious to bring change in you to achieve the success, which is always crucial for anyone. We all know only hard work can’t give you the success you need to work smartly to achieve success.

It would be best to become smarter regarding the process, opportunities, and strategies to handle everything to achieve the best result quickly.

Achieving the best result or success needs proper guidance, and experience plays a crucial role in it, which you can only find from a great mentor. Smart and great mentors always assist you in becoming more intelligent with their valuable counselling. 


To achieve the success, you should have a good vision, and a good mentor will always help you to fine-tune your vision and still wants to see the right transformation in you. Usually, good mentors always give you superb ideas, analytical insights, and influence you towards achieving your goal. 

They set different goals for you and motivate you to achieve those. They have a better experience and thinking capability, which can help you a lot in several ways. They keep influencing you to believe in yourself and enhance your trust factor positively, which always leads you to achieve unbelievable success in your work field.          

Mentors Challenge 

Usually, achieving success is not easy. You have to face several difficulties. Most of the time, some people lose their hope and change their thought process at a certain point. But if you have a good mentor, then he/she will never let you down! Mentors usually push you hard to achieve success. They keep motivating you to face new challenges and share their experience with you. They guide you towards a right way to learn lessons from your failure and rectify your problems.       

Protect from Missteps 

We all make mistakes in our life as no one is perfect, but a good mentor always protects you from missteps. Decision-making still plays a crucial role in your work field, and especially if you are a businessman, then you need to take proper steps to enhance your business successfully. A good mentor can show you good insight and understand your planning correctly and guide you accordingly. Mentor counselling is always best for you and saves you from significant losses and bad results.

Valuable Advice

Usually, a good mentor always teaches and shares life lessons. Most of the time, they share their stories and gives you a transparent scenario of the possibility. They usually use words and proper actions to care for your future. A good mentor will never give up and never lose hope on you. They never forget to encourage and motivate you towards your success. Great mentors keep supporting and believing you till you get success in reality.

Good mentors offer knowledge and information

Whether you are in any field, you need proper knowledge and information to achieve something miraculous. The same theory applies here! A great mentor always provides you experience regarding your work and provides in-depth information for your clear understanding. They always have better and safe and better planning for you, which has a high success rate. You can learn proper strategy making and good decision-making qualities from them.  

Mentors can let you know where you can improve 

A good mentor always will see your faults and suggest you where you can improve in your work. A mentor usually makes criticism when they see any fault in your career and always gives an honest view of your work to bring changes and keep improving in your work. So, in such cases, you need to positively take those criticisms for significant changes towards a better result.

Mentors assist you in stimulating professional and personal growth

We all need growth in our lives, but if you can handle your personal and professional development with a balance, you can achieve a lot. Great mentors always find several ways for you to stimulate your personal as well as professional growth simultaneously. Good mentors always mark you closely and suggest the area of improvement you can do in your professional and personal life. They always assist you in developing leadership qualities and good decision-making capability.

Discipline matters 

Everyone should be disciplined in their life to become successful. When it comes to mentoring, a great mentor always teaches you the discipline things you need to maintain in your life and also keep motivating you towards a beautiful professional journey.  Mentors usually show you several examples of how discipline can bring considerable changes in your work and personal life, so always follow your mentor and learn the art of maintaining proper discipline and dedication towards your work.

Mentors are the right connectors 

Mentors are the right connectors

Mentors can play a dual character for you, like a good teacher, as well as a connector. Great mentors can give you several opportunities and industry ideas to invest your time and effort to become successful. They can also guide you on how to manage your personal growth and achieve goals successfully.

 Usually, mentors have their network having different people having their expertise. They can involve you with them to learn the proper mindset, planning, and many valuable tips that will help you a lot in several stages of your life.

 Network expansion is always essential for anyone, especially in a professional business or industrial sector. If your network is significant, you have a better opportunity to grow, and you can also learn new things and superb ideas to bring changes in you or your work.      

Mentors are close to you and always provide free knowledge

Naturally, the mentoring relationship will arise organically within your network and working industry. No mentor does it for money, but yes, they want to see in a great position of success. Mentoring is all about satisfaction, and a good mentor always helps you and monitors your work correctly so that he can guide you towards a better position in the future.

Now to question is how you can find a good mentor?

This is a bit tricky, but yes, you can find out for sure! When it comes to finding out a good mentor, you have to focus on some points like 

Never force anyone to become your mentor

Mentoring is something that comes naturally, so never force anyone to become your mentor. If someone is interested in mentoring you and always wants to help you in your career selflessly, you can go with him. A mentor should be passionate about his/her work, and you can’t get it by forcefully.

Another important thing you should never remember ever to make different mentors. Now the question is why? The answer is pretty simple other mentors means different expectation, reasons, and expertise. That means you will always put yourself in deep trouble and can’t focus on one’s advice. 

This can be critical for you and pressurize you heavily. It is tricky, so better avoid making different mentors. Always trust a single mentor who you think is the most trusted one and follow his/her advice to achieve your goals and success.

Final words

Undoubtedly, if you want to be successful in your working field, you should have a great mentor. A good mentor’s role is always crucial for any person, so always try to choose your mentor wisely and follow him seriously to become successful in your life.                            

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