What should success mean to you Everything Explained!

What should success mean to you? Everything Explained!

Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? Yes, everyone! We all want success, and that’s the reason we mostly run behind money, fame, and much more. But do you know the real definition of success? Very few people understand the true meaning of success, and most of the people only run behind pointless things to achieve success. 

If you are one of them who is struggling to define the true meaning of success in life, then you are in the right place! Here I will explain in detail to understand the true meaning of success, so let’s start with more information.

Two points you always need to remember in your life 

  • Its never too late to start over 
  • You can only write your definition of success 

Many people chase money, status, fame, but they never feel successful when they achieve those things. Now the question is, why so?

The answer is pretty simple; it’s because you can only point out success in your life when you can figure out what brings happiness and help you find your life’s purpose.

What is success to you?

Success is something that any individual has to define for himself, and no one can contribute. Success could be bringing changes in your society or world or a sense of achievement and excellent career evolution.

If you think you are happy with what you are doing, then this is self-satisfaction and can consider as success. Overall, you can say the meaning of success entirely depends upon you.

You can define success with any particular line which applicable for all.

Let’s discuss some of the best habits of successful people and how they achieve success by setting up their achievements.

Before that, let’s understand the above point; it’s never too late to write your success story!

Usually, people think they are too old to become successful and lose hope. But the thing is not like that! If you consider some of the best successful personalities then you will find something different.

Let’s take some examples

  • At the age of 62 Kernel Sanders’ fried chicken business got successful and now known as KFC.
  • At the age of 50 Julia’s child wrote her first successful book, known as a cookbook.
  • At the age of 77, Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, even after 27 years in jail.

So, the point is age is just a number, and if you have strong determination, you can be successful and achieve your goals quickly.

If you closely mark the above examples, you can understand these greats achieved success in late, so never lose hope in your life.

Success has no time limit

According to research, most of the successful people achieve their goal late. The report says people who found some of the biggest companies even not start until the age of 35.

Success never sees certain age, time, or deadline, and no one can measure your success.

Success should match the rhythm of your soul, and it will always give you happiness.

What does success mean to me?

Frankly saying, success for me is all about bringing happiness to people. If I can do something unique for the society that can help the long-term, then I will be the happiest person. 

This is my target, and I know how to help people differently and bring happiness in society.

For me, the definition of success is nothing but helping others, and I am very much concerned about my goal.

Motivation and strong desire can only make me successful, and I am trying to build up these qualities to achieve success in my life. I know it’s not easy as I think, but it will definitely become true one day, and success will be close to me for sure.

I usually think about how I can contribute to my society and planning accordingly. New ideas, some of the great advice of motivational people, help me stay focused on my life and enhance my confidence and ability to develop supporting nature.

What does successful mean to you?

 According to research its little bit hard to understand the term success and it doesn’t happen overnight. To understand the true meaning of success, you need to think with some of the uncover deep questions deeply. The journey is tough but it’s incredible, and you have to believe in yourself.

Now the question is how you can discover the root of success and the whole process to finding out your purposes in your life?

Here I will explain a small example that will definitely help you get the root of the true meaning of success, before that its highly necessary to understand what success doesn’t mean.

You can’t just say you are successful by stealing other’s ideas. If you are comparing your achievement with others, then that’s not a success. In other word you can say its an unhealthy practice which you should be avoided in your life.

Usually, people compare other peoples with them and try to become like them, which is a wrong approach towards success. If you want to achieve success, try to improve yourself and work hard on your purposes and goals. Try to learn new things and work on your approach and enhance your self-belief. Comparison has no benefit for the long term, so leave it and improve leadership quality and achieve long-term goals.

Comparison mostly puts you towards failure and leads to insecurity. If you compare yourself with others, then you will lose confidence and lose your values for sure. So never chase anyone in your life; always try to work on your vision. Last but not least, always remember there is no shortcut to achieving success.

What does success look like?

We already discussed that comparison, status, fame, money are the worst symbols to define success. Let’s create a better definition of success! It can be personalized to your exclusive purpose of life.

What actually mean to you?

Just think deeply! Take a moment and imagine how is your life going? Is it going correctly according to your purpose? Are you happy with your work?

Here you need to note down some important things like 

You are performing well, and your best or not?

Did you achieve everything that you wanted?

Just list out these simple questions and try to point out your milestone till now in your life. You can consider different things like your career, relationship, habits, and principles.

After finishing these things, ask yourself and try to find out the best answers.

If you feel your goals are still now achieved and you are not happy with your current performance and habits, you need to change yourself and do hard work to bring changes to achieve these goals.

Remember desire is compelling and you can achieve anything in your life if you have a strong desire. If you have a strong desire, you can develop self-belief and set your goals quickly without chasing anyone.

Now here, success means to achieve your goals, yeah! Sometimes you may face failure but no need to worry; you can learn a lot from your failure and improve yourself a lot. Never ever negatively take failure because it can let you down and create extra pressure on you.

Always the way of approaching success offers an essential point that consists of your core values. Always take action instead that think much more about the future and consequences.

We all know setting big goals, building a top-rated business, and become successful in your career can’t be happen overnight. That doesn’t mean you will lose hope! You have to stay strong and keep going ahead towards your goal with strong determination.

Its always better to take a few steps rather than stable. Though the process will continue longer, you will definitely achieve success in your life at any point in your life for sure.

Your action always decides your result, so always do your best towards the best possible outcome.

According to research, you need to consider short term success if you want to achieve long term success in your life. If you are enjoying your work, then you will definitely put in your best effort. Here you can quickly achieve success as you selflessly work and that work brings happiness in you, which is soulful.

Overall, in technical words, enjoying the process always enhances your ability to succeed in the long term. 

If you already decided on the parameters of success for you, then it’s essential to think of daily steps you will have to take and achieve it in a better way.

Obviously, you have to do hard work to achieve each success or goal of your life, but you will definitely enjoy it. If you are setting wrong goals and out of your strength, then you will definitely lose hope and hate doing work. At last, you will give up before you reach your goal.

That’s the reason you always need to take time to consider your goals and find out the best things for you and set goals accordingly so that you can smartly achieve your goal and achieve success in your life.

How do you define success? 

For me, success is not about plenty of money, status, and fame. No doubt, there are several factors which are powerful to measure success. Let’s consider some points!


First of all, you need to think that do you speak or act from your soul or not? If yes! Then you are on the right track! 


Are you working on things that truly matter in your life or not? If it’s really mean for you, then you are going in the right direction.


This is the crucial point you should always consider! Whether you are strong enough to handle your goals and the path of the journey towards your goal or not? If you think you are the best person to achieve these goals, then well done! Just keep it up; no one can stop you from achieving success.

Your willpower can take you towards success! You will face several hurdles during the process of success, but your strong desire and will power can easily overcome these things and give you the confidence to achieve your goals.

Remember, failure can give your life-changing lesson, so learn from your mistakes and change your life by achieving your life goals.     

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