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Successful Career – 8 Amazing tips to achieve your career success in 2020

Everybody wishes to have a successful career in his/her life and also aims to reach the topmost position in his career. It is nothing but natural. To achieve success, the minimum required two things are, we have to strive hard and have a good plan of action. Without those two minimum actions, we could achieve nothing and thereafter our position becomes just like a stone, without any improvement. What are the secrets of successful people? How to improve ourselves to lead a successful Career?

I know you are all curious to know the 8 tips to have a successful career but before we dive in us all should also know the secrets of success which also help us in being successful in our career as well as life.  

First of all,

“Obedience is the secret of successful career.”

Secrets of Success:

What are the 5 keys to success?

1. Desire

2. Ability

3. Utility of skills

4. Hard work

5. Determination

1. Desire:

“First deserve and then desire”.

To achieve successful career, first of all, you should have an intense desire, otherwise, you won’t get the required result. The aim or goal should be depending upon your previous and practical experiences. Take into consideration your plus and minus points and also your present position, before setting your goal. Either too little or too big goals do not serve our purpose and often we may meet with failure. For them, success is at a faraway distance. Hence proper selection of goals is highly essential.

2. Ability or Confidence:

The human brain contains millions of neurons. The “memory” present in each neuron is equal to one computer. Its capability and level are the same in each and every individual, as revealed by the experiments. But, some people have low confidence in them, which leads to an inferiority complex and they achieve little in their career. At the same time “overconfidence” in their ability is also not so good to achive a successful career.

“Too much of everything is always bad for a successful career”.

3. Utility of skills:

Having skills is not of much use to have a successful career but one must have the ability to utilize them properly. Every one among us has the necessary strength within us to do anything, but at the same time, we are having doubtful nature also in us. As far as possible, we have to try our level best to reduce this doubtful nature, so that the journey towards success will be very easy. Many people do not evince keen interest to melt this “icy-layer” of doubtful nature. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambi are skillful cricketers but Kambli failed to utilize his exceptional skills while Sachin became the greatest cricketer of all time. 

4. Hard work:

Unless we work sincerely, we can’t achieve our goal of having a successful career easily. Success comes to those who work hard and show a keen interest in their career and of achieving the goals. You should feel “the taste of work” and in turn, you feel “the taste of success”. For that, you have to feel happiness and enjoyment, while undergoing (facing) the hardships and under any circumstances, you have to overcome them by your ability and skills.

“No cross-no crown”.

There are no shortcuts to achieve success in life. You need to work very hard; bear so much pain; have self-confidence and always think positively. Try to learn success lessons from great people by reading their biographies. One should have a clear goal and patience to achieve success in life. 

“Those who know how to serve also know how to reach the top of the ladder”

In these days of competitive work life, one needs to be a multi-skilled person to have a great career. You need to develop communication skills, you need to cultivate good etiquette, you need to need to acquire leadership qualities, and finally, you need to become a great learner to move your career on steroids. There is no place for slow learners and lazy people these days in a fast-paced working environment.

5. Determination

what is determination? Determination is both a firmness of purpose and a willingness to work unceasingly towards that purpose in spite of any obstacles, difficulties or failures along the way.

Accomplishing great things is difficult and, in the end, it’s always more difficult to achieve great things than you guessed it would be at the beginning. You knew it would be hard, but not this hard.

One major benefit of being determined is that you achieve what you set out to do. If it was a good goal, you will reap the benefits of that achievement. Other people usually can have a positive opinion of you. A person who is steadfast and determined to achieve an honourable goal is admired as having good character.

Ambitious goals require a high tolerance for pain, monotony, and boredom as well as a large amount of patience and discipline.

8 important tips for a successful career:

  1. Relationship: Have a good relationship with your boss and be always available and extend your full cooperation to do extra work if he needs and don’t wait for his formal request to you. It creates a good impression upon you.
  1. Show your skills: If you got any special skills and capabilities and in your opinion, they are useful for your organization, bring them to the notice of your boss without hesitation and make a request to him to give you an opportunity to prove yourself.
  1. Behavior: Behave yourself in such a manner that others should take notice of you and your personality. Learn the skills to express your opinions vividly (communication skills), so that others should not miss-understand you. Soft skills are playing a vital role in educational skills.
  1. Leadership: Learn the leadership skills and always think and behave positively. Leadership skills are necessary to move up in the organization.
  1. Dare to be different: Show some specialty in the daily work, as people want variety from the routine. If possible, try to allocate 20% of the time to do different things (Google way).
  1. Proactive role: Never forget to have your impression in all the deeds and works. For that purpose, you have to participate and represent yourself by taking responsibility from your wing (department or section) in the organizational meetings. It boosts your morality and efficiency.
  1. Help others: Never hesitate to help your colleagues if the necessity comes and in turn, it improves your experience and at the same time you get good recognition among your colleagues and friends.
  1. Adjustment: Take extra responsibilities in your wing (place of working) if the time demands and fulfill that work within time and sincerely. Your colleagues will help you whenever you need them. It creates confidence in the management of your organization in your skills and in the future, any opportunity arises, they give preference in selecting you for that venture. Learn to work in teams.

Two Bonus Tips to have a great career

  1. Give advice: Share your valuable suggestions and advice, regarding the possibilities for further improvement in the organizational activities and also chances of improving the functioning skills of its employees and make a good plan of action to that effect. 
  1. No place for job-hoppers: The last but not the least is, always available yourself to the management. Don’t become a job-hopper. 80% of CEOs have worked in the same organization in most of their career. In the future, if any chances of promotions arise and also new opportunities come, the management, first of all, considers your name for that new post or promotion.

Please share your tips to have a great career in the comments below, if you have anything else on your mind.

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