Time management tips

Time management tips: Creating time; Not managing it

For most of us, it is a very difficult task to manage time. In these digital and ultra-modern days of the technological revolution we feel that 24 hours a day is not enough. Because there are so many tasks we have to do from morning till night. 

Oh..Shit..!! How to do so many works at home, office, and personal tasks my God!! Most of us are worrying by thinking and we are facing the problem of stress, low efficiency etc.

But, some individuals are getting enough time, they are not stressed, their productivity or work output is good, they are enjoying their leisure time, they are happy. 

Do you think why it is so for us? And why are those folks enjoying it? All these questions revolve around the concept of Time Management.

What is time management? 

Time management is the process of planning and arranging how to bifurcate your time between particular tasks or things to be done.

If you are good at time management you can complete multi tasks at a time, which gives you more free time, which gives you time for new leanings, lowers your stress and leads to success.

How to prioritize things and create extra time for your work 

Know your tasks to be completed. Either collect it from your higher authorities or personal assistant or by yourself list out tasks to be completed for the day. And then divide the same into urgent vs. important. Some tasks are urgent and important; some are not urgent but important. Some other tasks are not urgent but important, some are not urgent, not important.

Tips for How to Prioritize Tasks Effectively:

  • Know your Deadlines: When working for clients the most important point that determines priority and urgency is the deadline. If the client is your regular client and his requirement is very urgent. Then it is to be categorised as important and urgent. So, in order to prioritise you must be aware about the client’s urgency and necessity.
  • Consider the Consequences: If work is not given as it is prioritised then clients may leave you and it may result in loss of your job because all business is there for clients. Or in case if it is household work if it is not completed in the stipulated time it may cause inconvenience to all family members. So, either it is the workplace or it is your home that considers the end result or consequences of what will happen if not done that task.
  • Consider Payment: By considering payment packages and terms of payment you have to prioritise work. 
  • Consider Time Required: If work is time consumption one then you have to start early in order to give it within the agreed time.
  • Set Monthly Goals and Work Backward: Prepare your monthly goals either in your business, profession as well as personal tasks. And work accordingly.

Day has 24 hours but you can get 48 hours 

Yes..It is absolutely true that all are having 24 hours in a day. But some people are successfully completing the tasks and enjoying more leisure time. How is it possible? Multi tasking is the answer for it.

At a time how your mother is doing house chores is the best example for multi tasking. She is preparing breakfast, lunch, washing utensils, by doing these she is arranging lunch boxes, keeping husband and children’s clothes ready. And also, arranging her attire, lunch box if she is also working. Just observing your mother how she works at home gives a crystal clear picture about multi tasking.

In the same way in office some smart people used to reply emails, handling phone calls etc. at a time. So, it involves your creativity and smartness and how you can complete assigned tasks successfully by doing two or more works at a time.

Why do I struggle with lack of time? 

Reasons for you are struggling with lack of time

When you are failed to do 

  • Multi tasking 
  • Proper delegation of your work
  • Prioritise your work

You have to scale up your skills of multi tasking, art of delegation of your works to your subordinates or servants, listing out or prioritising your works as per deadlines. Otherwise you will struggle with lack of time with no leisure time.

So lack of time will make you miss deadlines, resulting in inefficient workflow, poor work quality.

What do I need to create time for myself? 

Time management tips: Creating time; Not managing it 1

In order to create time for yourself you have to manage time effectively. And you have to finish the work or your tasks. In your to do list add taking me time as your task. Try to create time for yourself by completing all works assigned or expected to do.

‘Simplifying your life can create extra time in your day,’ says life trainer Stephen Yates. 

  • Start Delegation of work

Don’t think that you can do all the work by yourself. To finish your work you have to delegate it for somebody. Delegation of work is an art. By judging your team member’s or subordinate staff or family members’ skill set and efficiency you have to delegate. Then your work burden can be reduced.

  • Start to say ‘No’

Cut out activities that drain energy and time. “Saying no is the most effective method of gaining time and energy,’ says life coach Suzy Greaves.

  • Buy in Bulk

A lot of birthdays, anniversaries in a particular month? Then gifts, cards or whatever needed buy in one go. By doing this you can avoid last minute hurry and stress. And also you can save money too. 

  • Manage your E – Mail

Daily check your email and answer emails at specific times. Then you just prioritise which emails are to be answered first.

  • Cut out cold calls

You need not keep on answering unwanted sales calls or any other calls from charity, real estate etc.

  • Start Internet Banking

In this digital era opt internet banking so that you can transfer money, apply for loan or overdraft, pay bills and you can make payments for anything at any point of time. It takes a few minutes for any transaction.

  • Shop Online

Online shopping saves your time, energy too. You can now buy virtually  anything on the internet – books, toys, cosmetics, clothes, groceries, computers, furniture, flights, and tickets for concerts – all at the click of a mouse. Due to technological development all household items, electronic items, clothing etc you can buy from home only.

  • Place for everything

Practice and try to keep things like glasses and keys, wallet, work file etc which always seem to disappear just when you need them while you go out.

  • Shut down the tablet and laptop

Shut down your electronic gadgets at least for 24 minutes in 24 hours. Start practising it. And that 24 minutes will be yours. In this way also you can create time for yourself.

  • Outsource 

When you are overloaded with work, find efficient freelancers and get your things done on time. But, you have to observe it before delivering to your client.

  • Deep Breathe

As soon as you get up take 10 deep breaths. ‘Breathing deeply brings oxygen                to your brain which clarifies your thoughts and energises your kids helping you to plan your day more efficiently,’ says naturopath Jackie Young.

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What are the 4 Ds of time management? 

  • Delete
  • Delegate
  • Defer it
  • Do it

Glance at your to do list before agreeing and taking up new extra work. Say no politely when you are not in a position to take any more work or tasks.


Getting things done by others is an art it is called as delegation. You are assigning your works to somebody else. Delegation is an important function of management.

Before delegating the work you have to judge the skill, capacity and ability of an individual to whom you are delegating work. And one more point you have to consider is timely delivery.

Defer it

Defer means to prioritise. So, as it is already mentioned you have to prioritise or list out works to be done as per urgency. Whatever may be the number of works pending most urgent are to be done and completed first.

Do It

Be diligent with your work. If the work is so urgent, it’s better to do it immediately. The most successful businessmen starting early helps to be lively and more productive throughout the day.

How do I complete tasks effectively? 

  1. Keep your task list updated.
  2. Always be organized.
  3. Prioritize your works 
  4. Do your most important work first.
  5. Plan for Tomorrow Tonight.
  6. Plan – Do – Check – Act – is the key to complete tasks successfully.

How do I learn time management fast? 

  • Avoid post phoning or procrastination.
  • Through delegation of tasks.
  • Setting up deadlines and working towards those targets.
  • Start your work early.

Following all these tactics on a daily basis is the only way to learn and master in time management. Start following these methods in your household work, office or profession as well as in your business.

What are the three methods of time management?

Multi Tasking: Try to do two or more jobs at a time so that you can manage your time.

Prioritise and Plan: Classify your works into urgent vs. important as discussed in this article.

PDCA – Plan Do Check and Act: First Plan your works by doing to do list 

Advantages of Time Management

  • Increased efficiency and greater productivity
  • No stress at all
  • Increased opportunity for Work life balance

We can understand that managing time is an art. If you are desired to create time for yourself, you want to have more leisure time, you want to have peace of mind, you want to spend time with family without any stress then you have to be the master in this art of time management. Time management is helpful in work-life balancing too. So, learn this art and lead a happy and tension free life.