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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time? through small stories I want to convey my message to you dear readers. The adrenaline rush was at its peak. I peered out of the chopper and felt a sudden urge to throw up err…. down? The view was everything but beautiful. In spite of being repeatedly told that one of the best things of sky diving was the view that you get to see from the 10,000 feet that you are at.

Coconuts! I am 10,000 feet above the ground and unlike a safe landing that I could expect from the pilot of a commercial air carrier, here I was the pilot. The pilot who’d have to fly himself. Would probably sound cocky if I was on the ground but I did not have the time to think otherwise now as I peered a second time into the depths below. A cold shiver shot down my spine as my instructor nudged me closer to the point of no return.

I looked at my Tissot. The instructor had said it would take all of about 45 seconds but the time from now till those seconds started, felt like a million light years. I was all excited about skydiving from about a month back until an hour ago. I looked back at my pretty wife who had come to cheer me on. Her calm face did little to silence my fears. Instead, for a nano second I felt like I was going to cry.

I gathered up my courage and took a milli-step closer to the point of no return. I tried to recall what was written in the manual. One of the points stated that you need to stay calm and recall all the instructions quaintly in your head. I tried hard to do that but I felt nothing flashing in front of my brain. What was that damn thing the big made instructor told me in case the parachute was stuck? Damn again!

I looked at the tamilian instructor. For some strange reason, he felt like a Montessori teacher looking angrily at her student who was never interested in coming to school let alone completing homework. I felt I should reason out if there were options of cancelling this trip and doing a safe landing through the chopper instead. The stupid ‘MAN’ inside me refused with no logical reason. I never knew I had a chauvinist inside me.

I tried looking down one last time. I somehow have a feeling that, at the behest of my wife, the instructor jumped along with me without even giving me the time to restrain. Before I knew it, we were doing 200 kms / hr….. Downwards! I felt like turning around and slapping the instructor but I felt I could do better on the ground, my mother earth! This was his area.

As we continued our reluctant journey, I kept absolutely quiet unlike a lot of other folks who do the jump. The cameraman tried to wave out to me to smile or wave out to the camera that was focussed on my face. I had told him that I have great facial expressions and that he should try as much to zoom in to cash in on this. Looking at my current expressionless face, I could see the man controlling his laugh.

Cutting through the noise of the wind, my instructor yelled out cautioning that we were now 6000 feet to the ground and that we would be releasing the parachute. Again before I could react, I felt a sudden tug and a strong pukish feeling followed. This instructor needed some serious sessions in communication. There was something called a two way conversation. I will deal with this as well on the ground.

But as I was still calculating the ways in which I would deal with the guy, I began to see it! The beautiful feeling of flying like a bird. Something that was never done by any other species. This was spectacularly beautiful!

With the wind against my face, and the clouds by my side, I had the feeling of being a bird of the sky in every way – free, light and happy. I was flying, heck yes, I was! I faintly could hear my instructor asking me how I felt but I did not want to answer him and waste the time. I knew this was for a short period of time and I intended to fully use the time at hand.

As I landed rather safely as against all my earlier inhibitions, I imagined having that feeling of freedom for life, throughout life and in life.

Through all the struggles that we go through in our everyday life, we needed to take some time to take that 45 second leap in our life. Do something exciting everyday that will make you feel free, light and happy! It is not about expensive stuff but the little things that will make a difference.

For some funny reason, I chose to forgive the instructor and move on as I saw my wife rushing toward my side as I was detangling myself from the parachute.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

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– Loyson Paes

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