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The Brighter Side of Life – Motivation 101 With Loy

I looked at my Tissot. The hands seemed to be moving faster than usual. The traffic outside the venue for the star-spangled wedding was overwhelming. 

As I slid the Baleno toward my left, I probably may have scared the sh** of the driver of a Mercedes as I closed in on his owner’s sparkling car. He pulled down the window and helplessly yelled out at me. My windows were up and the music was loud. I didn’t hear and I obviously didn’t want to waste my time either. I showed him what he would have wanted to see – triumph in a fight, massage his ego! I gestured out an apology that seemed to satisfy him. 

I quickly found myself in a parking spot and pulled over. As my family and I walked over to the open air hall, I was amazed at the walkway. It had all the necessary ingredients to shut people’s mouths already and just stare in awe at the way in which the cash flow would have taken place for this wedding. 

As we entered, the stage decoration put the walkway to shame. I couldn’t stop admiring the use of flowers on the stage. It was a perfect wedding! I couldn’t close my mouth for nuts, literally! After the traditional standing in line to wish the couple, we moved over to the food counters. Here again, the cash flow seemed to have had direct blessings from Neeta Ambani herself! 

Marriage buffet
Buffet in a poorly managed marriage

I went over to the counter that was making fresh dosas and positioned myself in a way that the chef would put the first dosa in my plate only. But as luck would have it, as soon as the set of dosas were ready, miraculous hands with plates started appearing and all the dosas were taken. I stood helplessly with my empty plate. 

I turned only to notice another young man like me who did not seem to know the ways of the world. His plate was also empty. But then to add to our dismay, the chef looked at us and said that the dosas were over. That was the last set. It didn’t matter to me as I felt there was a whole load of other delicacies waiting to be devoured. 

But as I turned to walk away, I overheard the young man speak to his friend and tell him that the wedding was poorly managed! 

Poorly managed! All for the sake of a dosa! All of that money poured in like a flash flood was poorly managed because of a dosa. I imagined how the wedding family would have had sleepless nights to ensure that everything was picture perfect, but because one guy did not get his dosa, the whole effort was wasted! Or was it? 

How many times have people bad mouthed us in spite of having done or achieved so much in our life. For the rest of the world, you have arrived but for those people, the ‘dosa’ was missing! The sad part is that these people will always exist and you cannot do anything about it! Focus on your achievements and the road ahead – life has a lot of pleasant surprises stored for you! 

As I walked back to the dessert counter, I passed the gulab jamun counter. The chef was explaining to a young man that the gulab jamuns were over. No prize for guessing who the young man was! 

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