Be successful in your first job

Be successful in your first job

Every year thousands of colleges send their students to the job market who are clueless about getting success in a career. The primary question in this is, are these students ready for the work-life? Are these students have the competencies sought by the companies? Do these students have the right attitudes? Can they get success in a career? The primary thing which every student should understand is, your college is not preparing you for everything!!. You gained some knowledge in some areas, but how it will be applicable in your work is a big big question.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, to have success in a career” Confucius

Know that work-life is different than your student life to become successful in a career:

Student LifeWork Life
You live by your won ruleYou are being ruled by boss
Long breaks and holidaysLimited, monitored leaves
A little responsibilityA little more responsibility
Differences between the student life and work life
Infographics about student life vs work life

The work-life is different in so many ways than what students expect when they are in college. There are differences in terms of culture, commitment, responsibilities, and what an organization is expecting from you. In college, it is all about the intellectual challenge, and work is all about people’s problems, In college, you were graded as A, B, C and in work, the A level of performance is expected from you every single time.

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The first year of work is a very critical and important year for everyone for their success in a career. The first year will shape your career and who you are. To be successful in the first year of your life, you need to follow these basic things when you start your job.

The 10 basic things to follow to get success in a career are as follows:

1. Right Attitude:

The 8 basic attitudes to follow to get success in a career are as follows

What is Attitude? Attitude is the way we look at things or some matter. There are two types of mentality, One is Positive, and another one is a Negative Attitude. Having a positive attitude is very important when you start your career. As Harvard Business Review says, “Hire for attitude and train for skills,” every organization is looking for the right attitude in you. These are some positive attitudes you should develop before and after you join an organization to get success in a career. 

  • Readiness to Change: 

Most significant in all to get success in a career, willingness to change as per the requirement of the work-life is very critical. The old habits and behavioral aspects of college life won’t work in your work life. Change in terms of how you dress, how you speak, how you manage your time are some of the simple but most important things you need to change as per organizational requirements.

  • Readiness to learn: 

As I said earlier, college is not preparing you for everything. If you want to be successful in your career, you have to learn every day. You should be ready to acquire new knowledge and be open to learning for your embarking success in a career. 

  • Be down to earth: 

Being passed out from college or a degree might make you think yourself in a false sense of importance. But knowing your true self and competency is very much necessary to be successful in a career. 

  • Respect everyone

The organization is all about people, in your workplace, there might be many colleagues, seniors, juniors, etc. Respecting everyone will make you a good person in the workplace. It will help you immensely in your career.

  • Being a hard worker in the room: 

People get noticed in the organization majorly because of their work ethics. Being procrastinating, complacent will lead you to lose your job. This is the beginning of your career, work hard, learn new skills, and be a good employee to gain success in a career.

  • Be confident: 

Being confident is the essential attitude every new employee should possess. But don’t mistake it with overconfidence. Be realistic about what your skills are, but at the same time, learn something new for achieving success in a career.

  • Look for the long term: 

Nowadays, the one who joins the organization is not sure about what they want for themselves as a career. It will lead you to resign and go on searching for new jobs. So before you join any organization, think hard about what you want for yourself as a career. Search for the job which matches your aspirations. Because once you join an organization, the organization looks for that employee in a long-term perspective. The organization invests in each employee in training and developing them if you leave the organization in the short term, It will be challenging for the organization and at the same time for your next job. First-year is the foundation for your long career.

  • Positive thinking: 

If you think positive, everything around you will be positive. Your success is the reflection of what you project. So think positively every time you feel low and face a challenge. Being a positive thinker is an essential quality, each and everyone should possess.

2. The first impression is the best!!

People around you, your subordinates, colleagues, bosses are watching you!!. Trying to understand your attitude, knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you make an excellent first impression, it will be the lasting impression you make to get success in a career.

Usually, recruiters recruit you and assign you to your department and Manager, after sometimes they check on you with your Manager. What is the impression you made with your Manager will be the feedback he/she will be given to the HR department, this is just an example! Whenever your Manager thinks about some assignments/ and additional responsibilities, if you want to be his choice, give a good impression. Create a positive impact by showing maturity, professionalism, and willingness to learn.

3. Acquire Competencies Required

Competencies include Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Behavior,  The first year of your career should be focused on acquiring competencies in all ways. You should be open to learning new things required for your job. Attend the workshops, training, and seminars as much as possible. Read books in your free time that will help you with your future. Learning is continuous, never stop anytime.

4. Have the right expectations

Have the right expectations

In college, you might dream so many things about your job, high salary, perks, and flexibility, etc. but in reality, it’s nowhere near, you will get disappointed. Remember, salary, and other benefits are earned, when you develop your competencies and experience, gradually everything will come to you automatically. Don’t expect much in your first year, instead work for it.

5. Be a team member

Be a team member

After graduating from college, generally, we think we know much more than others; typically, it’s false. There are people out there who are more experts than you. So if you started to criticize each and everything after you join the organization, your colleagues would look at you as an outsider. If you want your words taken seriously, be a team member first. Be one among your team, let others accept you, then start to give feedback and inputs.

6. Understand Organizational Culture

Understand Organizational Culture

Every organization has its own culture, the culture of your organization is entirely different from the lifestyle you used to, your college. When you are in the organization, it is essential to understand what is the culture of the organization and follow them as required. Organizational culture may include- vision, mission, core values of the company, the do’s and don’ts, work ethics, code of conduct, grooming standards, Management philosophies, the attitude of the employees, behavioral expectations, and general office communications, etc.

7. Be a good follower

Be a good follower

“if you want to become a good leader, be a good follower first.” Following your boss is very important, as he is your mentor in your work. You can learn so many things from your experienced boss, follow his guidelines, and he will be your primary source for learning to get success in a career. A good boss and employee relationship help both to learn so many things from each other.

8. Build positive relationships

Build positive relationships

As we discussed earlier, the organization is all about people, people’s challenges. It is vital as you have to build a positive professional relationship with your colleagues. Your colleagues are those who are going to help you at work, the only way you will learn how to become successful in an organization is from people. Be a good follower, and be a good colleague, understand the nature of working relationships and build effective communication skills.

9. Understand your roles and responsibilities.

Understand your roles and responsibilities.

For every position/ job, there is a job description form, which consists, job specification, roles, responsibilities, and competencies required to perform the job. The job description describes what your new hire role is. Read the Job Description forms carefully, understand it, ask for any doubts with your Manager. Also, follow the various tasks you need to perform in each responsibility and master how to complete those.

10. Get the Results

Get the Results

Even though most of the time in the first year is about learning and getting ready, the organization also expects results from its new joiners. Unlike college, the organization expects 100% performance from you every time. The target achievement will be a herculean task, but that’s how you show your return to the organization. More efficient you become in achieving the result, the more you will grow in your career and get success in a career.

If you follow these ten points at the beginning of your career, it will help you to adjust yourself to a new environment, It will help you to understand the various factors in the organization, and it will help you to go in the right direction. The beginning of a career is a big challenge for everyone; if you are successful in understanding your new challenges and learn ways to overcome those, your job will grow faster. Once again, remember the first year of your career is the foundation for your future success. 

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