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Raise the quality of your argument; not your voice!

Raise the quality of your argument; not your voice! is an interesting theme I want to share with you today. I took a quick sip of my delicious looking mocha. Hmm.. coffee is at its best when it’s mocha. 

I looked up at him as he grinned back looking at my froth covered lips. I had just got a very enlightened soul totally involved into one of my conversations. It was indeed a privilege to even spend time with a great personality like him and here I was at a juncture in our conversation where he seemed to be listening to me rather than the other way around. Pretty cool, I felt. 

It was indeed after a couple of failures at trying to book his time that I had managed to block his time to discuss a few deep thoughts of mutual interest. The Starbucks was abnormally filled with people that day. And even though it was noisy we had still managed to strike a vacuum that did not allow the voices to disturb our little tête-à-tête. 

I grinned back and reminded him that when I like something, I behave like a kid. He raised his eyebrows recollecting how I had eaten my share of Lindt the last time we had met at his office. We both laughed before I got back to our conversation.

‘Did you happen to watch the assault by the IAS officer’s husband on the twenty year old animal lover and her mother in Pune?’

‘No. When did that happen?’ His deep voice enquired. I had always maintained that he had a fantastic voice and he needed to go beyond just the learning workshops on philosophy that he conducted and into high profile entertainment. 

‘ So there was this dog in their housing society that had littered pups and died. This college going girl started taking care of the pups. But as the pups were creating a nuisance in the society, this man started harassing the mother daughter duo and on a certain day, he just unleashed himself. The act was captured on tape and the video has gone viral.’ 

‘This is bad enough. Hmmm.’ He bellowed. 

‘Wait till you hear what is bad enough. There was another case of a lady in our very own Bangalore. A dog had littered about six little pups in front of her house in a little hole. The pups as expected would have created a ruckus yelping away the whole day through. She could not withstand the noise and once when the mother dog was not around, she picked up each of the one day olds and flung them into the empty plot in front of her house. Not one of them survived the fall. The neighborhood filed a complaint against the lady as they could not bear the cries of the mother dog who came back and tried to revive each of her pups not understanding how they reached where they were. Worse not knowing why they weren’t yelping anymore.’ 

Silence prevailed at our table as the two of us were deep into thoughts. I was more waiting for a response. And then it came. 

‘I’ll ask you a question at this point. Please don’t be offended.’ 

I patiently waited with twinkling eyes motioning him to go ahead. 

‘What do you think of slaughter houses?’ 

Rap. I felt the sound of the question against my cheek. I was a non-vegetarian hard core. For a few seconds, I felt I had encountered one of the most difficult questions in history asked just at the right time. 

I looked up and nodded my head smiling back at my interviewer. Someone who had googlied in a question at a very thoughtful part of the conversation. 

Sometimes very strong points can be put across in a very subtle way. Raising your voice to send across a point is not always the way ahead. Improving the quality of the argument is better than increasing the volume of it.

My friend waved a goodbye that day to a visibly wiser me.

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“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

– Loyson Paes