All You Need To Know About Positive Thinking

All You Need To Know About Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has life-transforming repercussions. This is hard to believe and makes a reader wonder why positive thinking could be life-transforming. The first opinion that comes to mind is that there is no way in which thinking positively will change the world. 

There are, correspondingly, even cases wherein people shun the idea of thinking positively altogether.

Positive thinking, nevertheless, nowadays has the backing of science in terms of its effectiveness. Research shows that there is a scientific basis behind positive thinking. 

While positive thinking may not transform the world, it does transform how one perceives the world around him. Correspondingly by thinking positively, one changes how one reacts to the world around him. There is a notable change in how one feels about the people around and oneself. This holistically ensures better wellbeing for one.

Let us take a look at a few of the most basic ways that promote positive thinking:

  1. Being in control of oneself

It is preferable not to criticize yourself before others. Sharing your concerns with the people you trust is something entirely different. But sharing them with the world may not be the right thing to do. 

At all times and places, one should be kind to oneself. One may choose to make a list of the good qualities that one has. It will strengthen the belief in oneself.

  1. Avoid being a complainer

Being negative isolates oneself from oneself. It then becomes difficult to find positive solutions to problems.

  1. Learn to relax

Find time for yourself each day. It does not matter if it is only a few minutes that you spare for yourself in a day. During this time, one should attempt to relax and unwind.

  1. Keep your morale high

Be willing to treat yourself occasionally. Do it every time you make a personal achievement or overcome a problem.

  1. Congratulate yourself

Each time you do something well, tell a friend about it. Praise that is justified is a great booster for morale.

  1. Channel tension positively

Nervousness leads to an adrenaline rush, and the additional energy should be channeled for one’s own good. Just as an instance, an adrenaline rush puts one in a position to communicate with more enthusiasm.

  1. Be assertive

When you firmly believe in something, assert your ideas and become a driver for change. Do not be pressurized by others.

Understanding negative thinking

If one intends to recognize the benefits of positive thinking, it is beneficial to know about negative thinking in more detail. All people have negative emotions such as fear and anger imbibed in their psyche, to different extents. These emotions help one with survival. 

With these emotions, one is empowered to safeguard oneself against all factors that threaten one’s being, by taking measures that are swift and effective. In such a situation, the factors around do not distract one. Just as an instance, if a wild boar approaches one’s path, one might not want to respond to a WhatsApp message. 

Negative thinking may not deliver the best outcomes in the present-day world

Worrying unnecessarily over matters may not make them more resolvable. Just as an instance, if it is the daily to-do list that is bothering you at a workplace, you would prefer if your mind is active and agile. Instead, if one keeps worrying incessantly, the mind might shut down and decrease one’s work productivity.

The worst part about negative thinking is that it is a habit-forming activity. Negative thinking is a habit hard to break, but one should attempt to overcome the habit. 

One should train one’s brain to halt thinking negatively and attempt to be an optimist. This acts as a safeguard against stress because negative thinking leads to stress. One is henceforth empowered to lead a life that is free from worry.

How to think positively? 

Positive thinking keeps the mind and body healthy. But in certain circumstances, thinking positively becomes challenging. The following steps make it easier to make positive thinking a second nature, and put one in a position to derive maximum benefits from positive thinking:

  1. Spend more time with positive people

One should avoid circumstances wherein one is surrounded by people who incessantly complain regarding varied scenarios in life. When negative people are around, one tends to be affected by the negativity that they promote, and he himself becomes more negative. Instead, one should make a proactive attempt to spend time with friends who are positive, or with family members. This will, on the contrary, ensure that the positivity that is a part of your friends’ life becomes a part of your being. 

When the people around you are positive, it becomes difficult to stay negative.

  1. Be accountable for your behavior

Even if you are encountered with problems and difficulties in life, don’t project yourself as a victim. Instead, you should acknowledge that you are a part of a complex situation, and take full responsibility for your words and actions.

When one becomes accountable for one’s behavior, one tries and ensures that he does not blame others unfairly. One can learn from one’s mistakes as well.

  1. Give back to society

When one considers what is it that one has to offer to the world, one feels good about what one has. For giving back to society, one should consider the initiatives in one’s vicinity that are looking for volunteers, and be a part of them. When one helps others, it changes one’s outlook towards the world and makes one’s thinking positive.

  1. Go through inspirational content

Spend some time each day going through content that motivates you and induces positive thinking in life. This may be in the format of spiritual content or inspirational quotes. This will bring the focus over matters that are important to you in your life. Ideally, one should start and end the day in this way.

  1. Make goals and work towards them

It is preferable to make goals in life and work towards achieving them. When one has a set of pre-defined goals in mind, it is easier to be sure regarding the problems and setbacks associated with the goals. 

The goals themselves withhold the motivation to overcome the problems and setbacks that are encountered in the path of their achievement. On the contrary, when the goals in one’s life are not clear, making any sort of decision becomes difficult. It becomes a complicated matter for one to gauge one’s progress because there are no parameters.

  1. Recognize the implications that negativity brings with itself

Negative thinking does not come without consequences. It is seldom more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let us consider a scenario wherein one is preparing for a job interview. One should necessarily keep his thinking positive under such circumstances, and think that he is going to get the job. 

However, if the person begins to think that he will not get the job, after all, he may not put in sufficient effort preparing for the interview. This further decreases his chances of cracking the interview.

Therefore, one should create a list of the ways in which negative thinking affects his life. In the list, consider mentioning how negative thinking renders an influence over your feelings, relationships, and behavior. Then, list the ways in which positive thinking will counter these problems.

  1. Compliment others

Upkeep a genuine interest looking for good reasons wherein you can complement others. But it is important to make sure that you are genuine in your compliments and praise. Be frequent with your compliments. It will let you proactively see the good that others withhold within themselves.

  1. Create a daily list of gratitude

When you maintain a daily gratitude list, you will come to recognize that there is so much in life that you can be grateful for. This brings the focus upon the positivity in life. One does not spend time pondering over the bad things that happened in the day. 

When one turns feeling gratitude into practice, positive thinking never ceases to become a habit.

  1. Practice self-care

When you begin to take good care of yourself, it creates an impetus for thinking positively. The right way to take good care of oneself is to make sure that one gets sufficient rest and exercise every day. One should proactively attempt to keep the stress levels low. This induces positive thinking in life.

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

We have been incessantly hearing from childhood that life is a mix of ups and downs. But the truth of the matter is that we have a choice at defining if we want to stay up or down. Choosing what happens to us in our lives is entirely our decision.

To achieve the aforementioned, it is important to make sure that one stays positive at all times and places. One must henceforth make a proactive attempt towards nurturing positive thoughts in one’s life. 

But being positive is challenging and not that easy. A persistent practice may be required for one to imbibe a positive attitude in life. When one achieves mastery at the art, one is in a position to change his destiny.

One’s character defines one’s attitude and thoughts. When one’s attitude is positive, it makes one happier.

A positive attitude is synonymous with one’s perception in life, or how one perceives the world around himself. This is greatly subject to one’s entire well-being and brings the desired life within one’s reach. 

With good and positive thoughts, one is in a position to meet the challenges encountered in life head-on. This is a sure way to find miraculous outcomes in life.

Benefits that come along with positive thinking are many. One is empowered to achieve his goals in life, irrespective of how tough the goal may be.

Similarly, whenever one is encountered with a situation in life that stresses out one’s mind, positive thinking is the tool that helps one to overcome the stress. It motivates one to move on in life.

Positive thinking makes one a charming individual and boosts one’s relationships with the people around. One of the most basic techniques for thinking positively is to keep the focus on finding a solution to the problem. Instead, when one is deeply concerned about why the problem occurred at all, it might add up to the frustration.

Let us take a look at a few of the topmost benefits of positive thinking:

  1. Positive Attitude

People frequently have a habit of blaming destiny for all that goes wrong in their lives. Nevertheless, when someone is positive, positive thinking surrounds their life. Energy, happiness, and positive companions seldom stay away from such people. 

Positive people bask in every moment of their lives. At all places they go, they radiate positivity. It becomes a part of their workplace, the people around them, their present and future, and all things that they are associated with. This brings success and joy in life. 

The key to achieving the same is to let go of the past, keep and feel good, and always be grateful in life.

  1. A life free from stress

Response of a positive thinking individual is likely to be different from others in any given situation. Positive people seldom ponder over the past and become upset about what has been. Instead, they are possessed with the positivity that empowers them to face all situations and figure out feasible solutions. 

Upon developing a positive attitude, one becomes free from all worries, and solutions reach out to the individual. To materialize the idea into practice, one should ensure that negative thoughts do not rule one’s mind. 

  1. Keeps one healthy

It is not merely the mind but also the body that positive thinking keeps healthy. Research shows that positive thinking is one of the best immunity boosters. When one thinks positively, one falls sick less frequently. Similarly, the occurrence of depression also reduces.

  1. Builds positive relationships from all around

When one thinks positively, he or she projects a great first impression. Such individuals tend to develop a friendly persona and radiate positive vibes in the environment around. In the same coin, when one is surrounded by positive people in life, the positivity never ceases to rub on to them.

  1. Attract what you desire in life

By making a habit of thinking positively, one attracts all that one desires and the good things in life. One dreams positively and achieves one’s dreams, with no hindrances in the way but oneself. 

Positive thinking techniques 

Our minds are possessed with a significant bit of power. It is a fact that most of us frequently fail to realize. When we think of something, our energies are focused in the direction, and the odds of the occurrence coming true enhances.

If your thoughts stay uplifting and positive, you are more likely to see your dreams come true. But if your thoughts are negative, the exact opposite is more likely to occur. 

Therefore if we train our minds to think positively all through the day, it delivers rich outcomes for us in our lives. Let us take a look at a few of the ways to go about with the same:

  1. Have a plan in place for positive thinking

When you have a specific plan in place for accomplishing something on any day, it enhances the likelihood of thinking positively. Henceforth, it is a fine idea to jot down one’s goals for the following day before one retires for the day. The goals should work in two ways. They should be simple enough to be accomplished in one day, and challenging enough to motivate you.

  1. Positive vibes

 Positivity is contagious, and when one feels positive in one’s life, the emotion transmits to the people around. Hence it is a preferable idea to surround your life with people who stay positive. When one has some form of negativity in one’s life, the aforementioned idea will replace the negativity with positivity.

  1. Be thankful

In life, there are things that one should be thankful for. One should express the thankfulness regularly. One should take a break from one’s schedule to contemplate the numerous things that one should be thankful for in life. Taking things for granted is one of the surest ways to bring in an element of negativity in life. 

It is therefore a fine idea to create a list of things for which one should be thankful in life. It helps one remind oneself of all good that surrounds one in life.

  1. Exercise

When one gets some amount of exercise each day, it keeps one positive. Hence, one should get into a habit of keeping physical activity levels high.

When one gets exercise, it releases endorphins, which is a hormone that gives one a high. It naturally boosts immunity and is a great mood enhancer. Moreover, when one creates a goal for getting some regular exercise, it is a good psychological boost. Getting exercise helps one stay energetic throughout the day, and keeps one happier.

  1. Take control

Shirking away from circumstances is not always the best way to go about it. Instead, when one makes a conscious effort to take control of a situation that surrounds one’s life, one is in a better position to feel positive about it. It comes naturally and effortlessly. 

One should not be afraid of failure in life. Instead, taking control of the situation should be seen as an opportunity, which will allow you to bring the positivity into practice, in the real world. A positive attitude further induces leadership qualities in one’s being.

  1. Stick to your goals

Positivity may begin to reduce if one retreats at the first indication of trouble. So, before one starts working over a new initiative, one should try and make sure that one sticks to it for an elongated time. 

This is a conviction that ensures that early failures or setbacks do not affect the motivation which one has towards achieving one’s goals and staying positive.

Setbacks are sure to appear at one time or the other in life. When one keeps this idea in mind, it equips one better to keep positive through the tough times. Success is unlikely to arrive effortlessly. Obstacles are sure to be there. But by keeping a positive attitude through the tough times, one discovers the energy and motivation to overcome them.

  1. Meditate

It is cycles that negative thinking appears. When one is bogged down in life due to any occurrence, one begins to perceive the other aspects of life negatively as well.

But by meditating every day, one is empowered to break the cycle. It will focus the mind in the requisite direction. Meditation brings a range of benefits for positive thinking. As the mind is cleared, one develops a logical viewpoint towards life. So, whenever you feel that negativity has found a passage in life, take time out to meditate. Meditation sessions may be short, and may not necessarily last beyond a few minutes. But it induces composure in life. One rediscovers the calmness within one’s being, and the thought process soon is back on the track.

Positive thinking exercises 

Let us take a look at a few of the best exercises for thinking positively. When you try these out, you can come to realize what works well for you:

  1. Believe in yourself

When you believe in yourself, you will naturally start feeling more positive. Believing in oneself is all about caring for one. It enhances the degree of self-worth in life. The fear of failure should not scare you. Mistakes are bound to happen, but when one is positive, one is willing to try again.

  1. Do not let the past bother you

Dwelling excessively over the past is not the best thing to do. It keeps one from being positive and optimistic. If something happened in the past which annoyed you, it may be difficult to let go. But one has to try.

Letting go will render a positive influence over our emotions. When the focus is over the present, one lives in the present.

  1. Mirror technique

On each morning and evening, one should stand before a mirror. When you look at yourself, express in saying the things that you like about yourself.

Say positive things and praise yourself. It will induce confidence within the being. Optimism will be infused in life, for all aspects of life.

  1. Go easy

When one judges himself, it is a letdown. Many among us a cautious of making mistakes in life. But this should not be allowed to influence the self-confidence levels.

Mistakes should instead be a learning process. One should proactively forgive one’s mistakes.

  1. Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is one of the best ways of inducing a positive mindset in life. Self-hypnosis will open up the gates to a state of mind that has a high degree of consciousness. Positive suggestions that we pass on to our minds will positively affect our minds. Optimism and happiness will fill our lives.

  1. Keeping the goals realistic

Making unrealistic goals is a tendency best avoided. Odds of not being able to find success become higher in this case. Instead, frustration levels become higher in life.

It is hence preferable that the goals in life are realistic. One should advance towards one’s goals by taking a single step at a time. This keeps one motivated throughout, and positivity is infused in life.  

  1. Read an inspirational book

When inspiration becomes hard to find, an inspirational book is sure to help. When you read about other people’s success, it will inspire you to achieve success in your own life. This is because the challenges faced by other people will be faced by you as well, in all likelihood. 

Amazing tips to think positive 

Let us take a look at some amazing tips that will train the mind to think positively

All You Need To Know About Positive Thinking 1
  1. Ask yourself honestly, do you think positively?

This will bring some additional skills to fore that you can hone efficiently.

  1. Retain the positive information

When you speak positively, positivity in life becomes easier to recall.

  1. Stay focused on the positive

Bring the focus away from negativity in life, such as someone overtaking your car from the wrong side.

  1. Experience positivity more often

Condition an environment that produces positive vibes, such as framing a picture of your family or children and keeping it in a high visibility position.

  1. Negative thoughts may help with processing information

Consciously practice the art of thinking negatively for a limited period of time. 

  1. Belittling success may not be a great idea

Find happiness in your achievements, instead of believing that it could have been anyone, I just got lucky.

  1. Spend some time watching fun videos

Our social, intellectual, and psychological faculties help us benefit from our experiences and be happier. You could go for cat videos or inspirational videos.

  1. All or nothing attitude may not be that great

There’s always room for improvement in life. Not being a complete success does not make one a complete failure.