Positive Attitude Is Not Rocket Science! Learn It Now

Positive Attitude Is Not Rocket Science! Learn It Now

What is meant by Positive attitude?

Being optimistic in whatever the difficult situations, to have faith and have hope can be termed as a positive attitude. Positive attitude always creates positive vibes and thereby yielding positive results only.

Why is Positive Attitude Important?

Positive attitude leads to a positive mind and it is helpful for you to lead a positive life. Positive attitude plays a vital role in handling stress, crisis, and problems at home or at the workplace and helps you to manage the daily affairs of life with ease. Positive attitude is essential to avoid negative thinking and to avoid worries. Once a positive attitude becomes your way of life it makes you always happy and peaceful. Positive attitude people will pay attention only to the positive aspects.

Qualities like optimism, accepting the things and individuals as they are, resilience, gratitude, mindfulness, and integrity etc will help you to inculcate, develop and to have a positive mental attitude. People who are having positive attitudes spread joy.

Health Benefits of Positive attitude

Studies have proved that there is a close connection between having a positive attitude and health benefits. Research shows that a positive attitude can heal the mind and body.

  • Increased life span.
  • Positive attitude lowers blood pressure, heart disease, and controls blood sugar levels. It lowers down rates of depression, levels of distress.
  • Lowers the rate of depression.
  • Helps to have a greater immune system.
  • Better psychological and physical well-being.
  • Good and improved cardiovascular health 
  • Positive attitude helps people to recover fast from surgery or cope better with serious diseases like cancer, heart disease.

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What are bad attitudes?

Folks with a bad attitude are aggressive, pessimistic, intolerant, prejudiced, rude, selfish, suspicious, unemotional, not trusting others, dishonest, always critical, sad, self centered, prideful.

How a negative attitude affects your life?

Attitude is the most important aspect, it is 100 percent. Negative attitude makes you pessimistic, stressful, unhappy and it adversely affects your life, professional growth and health also. Negative attitude people always find reasons to blame. 

If you have a negative attitude you will not support anybody, you will not have any interest in maintaining cordial relationships with other human beings. Ultimately, it leads to stress, hatredness. Person who is pessimistic will find some reasons to blame when things go wrong. It may be the economy, weather, family members, spouse etc.

Individuals with an adverse mentality overlook the great and focus on the terrible in individuals, circumstances, occasions, and so forth.  For instance; when a person has so much influence, riches, and impacts with incredible karma; yet whines and goes on a tirade; well that individual has a contrary disposition.

How can you Change your Negative attitude?

  1. Change your belief system.
  2. Change your thinking style. It can’t be achieved in the short span of time. It will take time.
  3. Always see some positive aspect in each and everything. See the good. Ignore bad.
  4. Practice deep breathing at least for 15 minutes.
  5. Accept the things as it is. Accept your criticism.
  6. Visualize positive things only.
  7. Daily practice mindfulness.
  8. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

People with a negative attitude ignore the good and pay attention to the bad in people, situations, events, etc.

For example; when a guy has so much power, wealth, and influences with great luck; but still complains and goes on a rant; well that person has a negative attitude.

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9 Tips for Staying Positive

1. Give your best. It may be your job, profession or business. Perform well.

2. Listen to music. It always soothes when you feel bad. It has the power of healing.

3. From the moment you wake up in the morning till going to bed, think only positive, this    will make you stay happy.

4. Involve yourself in your hobby.

5. Autosuggestion while going to sleep and at the time of waking up – tell yourself that day by day in every way I am getting better and better. These kinds of positive words will be recorded in our subconscious mind. And it helps you to stay positive and create positive vibes.

6. Smile is the best ornament one can always wear on their face. It creates happiness, peacefulness and harmony. But it is difficult to have a smile during the time of difficulty. Nowadays it’s hard to find smiling faces. Seeing faces of tender children they are bubbling with smiles and energy. Once you have practiced this it is not a big thing. Author is having personal experience that previously she was reserved and introverted. Once her Reikhi guru suggested this, and she has practiced it. Now, she has no stress, no worries. She stays calm, peaceful. 

7. Follow your passion; listen to the words of your heart. If possible convert your passion into a profession. You will be more happy in your life. 

Ex: Author is keenly interested in writing articles and poems. So, she has chosen to write as her profession.

When you choose your passion as a profession you will not be under pressure, feel stress.

8. For many psychological related aspect’s meditation is helpful. So, in order to stay positive during your difficult situation is possible through meditation. Meditate each and every day at least for 10 minutes. It relaxes our mind, changes our thoughts, and is helpful to nurture positive thoughts.

9. Breathe and Relax:  Our breath is straightforwardly associated with our feelings. Have you seen we hold our breath now and then when we are focusing on something? Would you be able to feel your breath change when you are furious or on edge? Our breath changes relying upon how we feel. The extraordinary news is that the association goes the other way as well. We can likewise change how we feel utilizing our breath! Look at this infographic on the logical advantages of relaxing.

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How to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace?

It is important that you have to maintain a positive attitude in your workplace so that your performance will be good. Positive attitude counts a lot in the job market. When you stay positive your output will be good.

Following are some points which you can follow in your workplace.

1. Blend with all people at your place. But, surround yourself with people who are having positive mindset. These people will not waste their time gossiping and blaming.

2. Upload positive input to your mind. At your workplace you may listen to good music or motivational speeches. It energizes you.

3. Don’t complain about co – workers. If you don’t like anybody. Just give a smile and don’t make friends with him.

4. Go with solutions for any kind of problems. Constructive criticism is essential for improvement. When you are pointing out problems, you have to suggest solutions for those problems.

5. Make others smile and spread joy around you. While chit – chat, be humorous and be cautious not to hurt any co – workers feelings. 

6. Always be calm, control your language: while discussing, talking, see to it that you are not annoying, hurting your colleagues. Be soft-spoken.

7. Being thoughtful to others satisfies you. Think about the most noticeably awful negative workplace conceivable. Be pleasant to others and watch them show proactive kindness. In the event that your work is troublesome and you can’t move away from that, and finding an inspirational mentality about the work itself is a test, be caring to the individuals around you and let that be a successful substitute. Appreciating coworkers and recognizing them is a good thing.

8. Accept accountability, and be responsive: Declining to assume responsibility at your workplace or not assuming responsibility is not good. Take responsibility and work in a team and if you are bestowed with an opportunity lead the team.

9.No one owes you anything: It is up to you to make things happen. You have to accept the changes. Don’t think negatively.

10. Stop complaining: Complaints will not solve your problems. It builds negativity, hatred. It brings to the highway of dissatisfaction.

11. Laugh from the heart: Laughing is good for health and you feel better. Try to be humorous. Laughing with colleagues gives a good feeling instead of laughing at them. Humor is good when things go wrong, and struck in a project.

12.Being curious to learn new things makes you stay positive. And exchange new ideas, thoughts etc. It avoids negative thinking.

13. Look for long term: Taking decisions by considering long term vision is important. When the situation is difficult in the short-term don’t take any hasty decisions. You have to consider it from the perspective of far reaching and long term impact.

Your attitude is everything. And it decides what kind of person you are? Positive people are always having positive vibes, they have solutions, personal goals, mission statements, stay calm and happy. 

Negative people are kind of persons always complaining, seeing bad, ugly faces, they experience stress, tension with negative thoughts. They always perceive bad things. Positive attitude people see everything good. As your attitude is everything. Nurture positive attitude. You have to infuse it from within, it can’t be infused  from without.

Think Positive, Stay Positive

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