Top 7 personality development tips to become successful

Top 7 Personality Development Tips for You

I always had this question during college days, what is personality development and what is my personality. I had to do a lot of research. Most of the time I was not understanding how to build a better personality even after attending personality development workshops and lectures. 

What made me think who I am? I don’t know. Including me each person on the earth has his / her own idea about personality – if we are open / reserved, sensitive / think-skinner. Everyone thriving for personality development will have their own way to think, feel and behave. 

My father once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about building yourself.” After which I started working on my personality development. 

So, what is personality?

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours distinguish us from one another. They join together to make our personality. Personality revolves around two expansive zones: One is understanding individual contrasts specifically character attributes, for example, friendliness or crabbiness. The other is seeing how the different pieces of an individual meet up all in all.

Personality Development What it is and why it is important?

Looks like a fancy phrase? No!, it’s different for each individual; it’s a relatively enduring pattern of our personality. When we start developing our behaviours and attitudes – in an organised pattern we achieve personality development. Remember we can develop a positive personality at any stage of our life, it’s a lifelong process. 

A personality is set by no one but ourselves. It circumscribes the actions we take and decisions we make. Developing a good personality makes you a better, responsible, loveable, influencer and followable person compared to others. 

What are the main 5 types of personality, What are the main personality development traits?

There are a number of ways to measure our personality. Coming back to me, I started measuring myself in terms of how to speak to others, how to speak to an audience as a speaker / trainer, how do I build relationships with my family and friends, how do I control my anger etc. 

The most commonly accepted 5 types of personalities are

An infographics which explains the 5 types of personalities people have
  1. Open
  2. Conscientious
  3. Extroversion 
  4. Agreeable
  5. Neurotic 

The personality development makes a person unique, adapted patterns make him shine in between others, Change in character makes him better. As of now there are two kinds of personality development traits namely: 

  1. Positive or Constructive Personality Development Trait 
  2. Negative or Pessimistic Personality Development Trai

While it’s good to have positive traits on the first hand, few of the negative traits will also help a person grow. 

How can we develop our personality?

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, find what is unique in ourselves and build our personality around it. 

A famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt with her picture about personality development in it
Learn from the mistakes of others

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Everybody commits errors, yet gaining from them is all the better one can do. Dealing with the previously mentioned attributes will assist you with being entitled as an individual with a decent character.

7 tips to build an outstanding personality – Personality Development tips

A person who is running towards success follows the given 7 tips to build a great personality
7 Tips to build a great Personality
  1. Listen to respond: 

Most of us talk continuously. If others say something, even before they finish we assume and react to them. Actually the best way to have personality development is by actively listening more and more, responding to others rather than reacting. Reaction is instant while response is thoughtful. 

  1. Respond to converse: 

Being a conversationalist helps in personality development big time. As you learn to respond by actively listening, you’ll also learn to respond to people’s actions and start new conversation. To become a good conversationalist, we need patience. 

  1. Respect others and be incomparable: 

It’s a way of thinking about something or someone so have a positive thinking. “Give respect and take respect” is an old saying but it is the need of the now too. Respect others as you would respect yourself. 

You bring your confidence somewhere around contrasting yourself as well as other people. That shrinks your character and doesn’t let your qualities bloom. Realize that you and the other individual are special and are simply exceptional.

  1. Expand your interest and learn: 

Action is the foundational key to all success. I studied science in my pre university then did masters in computer application. My interests got expanded as I grew. I extended and opened my mind to study children psychology, dietician courses later to become a trainer and a mentor. The field you are in is not an obligation, you can always extend your horizons beyond the boundaries you have put to yourself. 

  1. Believe in Yourself: 

“What we think, we become.” – Buddha Yes, if you start doubting yourself, you can not develop your personality. Instead believe in yourself, your decisions and actions. Have doubts, ask someone you feel knowledgeable. More importantly, never feel bad about yourself. 

  1. Don’t copy anyone: 

I used to copy others until I met my mentors. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in my life is not to copy others. Instead, get motivated by them. It’s okay to get influenced too. Talk and walk as they way you do. You are already the best, if you need you can better it to whatever level you want. 

  1. Meet new people and learn from them: 

I had a friends circle during my college life. We were all of the same thoughts, talking about things which were not helpful for us to grow. As I stated meeting new people out of college, I started getting new ideas. I got to know how others solve the same problems, answer the same questions everyone has and behave with others in public. Meeting new people is fun, great but sometimes might cause issues if you start a friendship with wrong people, be cautious. 

A man breaking the chain of day to day struggle with personality development to win and achieve what he wants to.

Personality includes inherent attributes as well as the subjective and standards of conduct that impact how individuals think and act. Disposition is a key piece of the character that is controlled by acquired attributes. It is the parts of the character that are inborn and impact conduct. 

Character is another part of the personality affected by the experience that keeps on developing and changes all through life. While character keeps on advancing after some time and reacts to the impacts and encounters of life, personality development attributes and a lot of character is controlled by inherent characteristics and youth encounters.

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