9 Amazing Personality Development Tips for Everyone

9 Amazing Personality Development Tips for Everyone

Before moving deep into Personality development tips, let me first give a brief definition of personality development and what we get on knowing about it.

Personality Development is a tool through which you bring out your capabilities and your strengths making yourself aware of your inner self and become more confident to face the outside world”.

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Why Personality Development? 

Personality development will enable people to improve their financial needs, their health, their career prospectus, their relationship, their beauty and so many to go on. As we have many things in our queue to choose, we should try to know what we actually need.

What is the first thing in your life that you want to improve? As this is a basic question, you can make up your own questions to find the actual thing you want to improve in your daily system. Once you have got the answer for this, now get ready to follow the below tips to improve that “the thing” in your life.

One of the challenges confronting individuals preparing to enter the corporate world today is, meeting the expectations of being able to do more than required. The current scenario is one of intense competition and it is this competition, which has altered the entire way of corporate functioning. Faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of having in hand more than it can handle, companies today look out for people who can act as all-rounder’s, contributing in each and every aspect of business.

The bottom line today is that, an individual needs more than just qualifications and knowledge, which have become a necessity rather than being the competitive edge, to make his presence felt in the corporate arena.

It is here that an individual’s personality plays a critical role in enabling him to deal with the unpredictable, demanding and ever changing corporate environment. The ability of an individual to Think, Communicate, and Action his ideas effectively, has become the key factor in differentiating a good performer from an average performer.

How to develop a great personality?

5 Stages of Personality Development.

In case you’ve read numerous write ups on what all you could do to attain an effective personality, or to become more successful in your life, one question crossing your mind could be –

Where do I begin? or

What do you do next?

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are.”

What he probably intended on communicating was that, the one thing that is really required at the onset is, that you take action on at least one idea existing in your mind that you feel can help you immediately. If you truly have the desire to improve your life – ‘Just do it and start right now’.

Almost 95% of everything we do is determined by our habits, good or bad. A habit can be defined as an ‘Automatic conditioned response’. So your first goal should be to form good habits which function in ways that enhance the quality of your life, thus increasing the scope of your rewards.

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Moving ahead, your next aim should be to decide exactly what you want from yourself, as well as for yourself. Start by Penning down your goals for the month ahead, without being too cautious or careful in choosing them. Set big goals – goals that excite and inspire you – and make definite, written plans for their accomplishment. Create schedules and set deadlines. Make your activities and accomplishments measurable, and finally- Take action.

Action orientation is the most outwardly visible quality of any successful individual. The world is full of people who ponder too much on the thought that starts with “Someday I shall.” They spend a huge amount of time planning, preparing, and thinking about what they are going to do “Someday.” Ensure that you do not become one among them.

Thomas Edison wrote, “Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left over from those who hustle.”

When you conceive an idea & decide to take action on the same, you are much better placed compared to the one who visualizes hundred’s of concepts but does nothing about them. Further, the speed of your action becomes critical in determining how smart and capable you become. Your ability to act faster on your ideas ensures that you cover more ground, meet new people and in turn increase the scope of discovering new opportunities.

As you learn to apply your ideas every day, you develop the habit of ‘Action Orientation’. It is often said that, ‘Nothing succeeds like success’. So, the more you try, the more you shall triumph. Gradually you shall experience a shift from “Thinking Positive” to “Acting Positive”. You will feel a shift from only wishing and hoping to an absolute conviction that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Always believe that ‘You’ are an extraordinary person with talent and unique abilities. There are no predefined limits to what you can do, be, or have, except for the limits you place on your own self.

Remember – Success is not forever and failure is not fatal. So Go for it…. Now!

9 Amazing Tips about How to enhance personality?


1. Spend time on your daily routine for yourself. Many of us give our time and efforts to other people’s needs or to one’s job. Therefore just try to spend some minutes of yours to focus on you which will bring a great change to yourself in the long run.

2. Think about and find if you are really doing what you want. Most of us due to circumstances, are not able to do what we want, but let us put of these kinds of excuses and start doing what we want. This will create a new energy level in you when you are doing something which you really wanted to do.

3. The most important reason which stops us from doing something on our own is our mentality towards mistakes. Never get scared of mistakes, don’t ever let failures stop you from what you really want to do. Every one of us has learnt in our earlier stages that “Failures are the stepping stones of success” but no one follows it.

4. You should also be flexible to change the way you go when things are not working in the way you want. When you set up your mind towards something, things may not run smoothly the way you want, in such cases you must get ready to approach it in a different way.

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5. Finally, in your daily routine find some time in your daily life to read/listen through some personality development articles which gives you some inspirational lessons which will provide you some positive energy for improvement.

6. Our brains mostly respond to pictures more than words. So have some pictures of your goals and visualize them on a daily basis. You can follow this by sticking a picture in the wall in front of your bed and this will help you in knowing your goal as soon as you wake up.

7. Keep your body and mind fit to fight over your negative thoughts. Yoga will surely help you in doing this. Wake up early in the morning, do some breathing exercise which will refresh your mind and will give you a bright day ahead.

8. Take a diary and note all your positive and negative things you face in your daily life. Looking back at those jotted points in the diary will help you measure your progress and it will even help you learn lessons from your own life.

9. Whenever you achieve something do not just keep it to yourself, share it with your near and dear ones and celebrate it. This will motivate you to achieve more achievements in your life.

Remember personality development is not only about looking good and wearing expensive brands. It is also about developing one’s inner self and being a good human being. More than anyone else, you are answerable to yourself. Do not do anything which you yourself are not convinced of. 

An individual is nervous only when he is ashamed of what he is doing. Character is something which an individual is born with and seldom changes with time as against behaviour. Honesty is an individual’s inherent character which would never change irrespective of his/her situation or circumstance. Would you steal or cheat others just because you do have enough savings with you at the moment? Absolutely NOT — It is just NOT there in your blood.

Hope the above tips will help you in improving certain things in your life and gain a great personality.

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