13 Ingenious ways to do with personal growth

Personal Growth Hack: 13 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Personal Growth

Ever thought of how you could get better by just taking a few minute steps each day. Ever wondered how it is that I could excel at what I am skilled at? Ever wondered why am I stuck on point nil when I should actually be showcasing development. Well if you haven’t already contemplated it, let’s get you into the thought process on how you could rapidly improve yourself every day. 

Let’s hold on to the notion where you think you want to change, in order to get better just by taking a step towards it. What you need to acknowledge about Self-improvement is how quickly your life could change because of your inner self changing. How by just changing the inner self, you view things differently, you feel differently, you behave differently. 

What you need to realize is by self-improvement you shape your real identity, by making a few decisions discreetly. But what you have to understand is rather more important is it’s about what you do on a daily basis to improve yourself. And that is what I would call Personal Growth in a lay man’s definition. Well that is exactly what I am going to be explaining in my article today.

Why is personal growth important? 

Personal growth is like the flavour of your coffee, for example you like your coffee to be exactly the same way as you have conceptualised it into your head. The sweetness, the aroma, the texture. Such is the concept of personal growth until you conceptualize it into your head and take a step towards it, the effort is futile. Therefore, personal growth is important because you want to feel good from the inside, feel good from the outside and sustain it towards everything you come into contact with. 

Let me start with the first question that we all are stuck with deeply. How do we work towards personal growth?

Working towards your personal growth

I want you to ask yourself a very simple question, who do I want to be?

Who do I want to be?

Me I want to be for my Personal Growth

Well obviously that question could be answered variably by each individual. So what do I get out of the interrogation? It’s simple you get the insight on what exactly you would want to pursue in a variety of streams which would be  your work, your health, your spirituality, your personal growth. And then sit to it, innate that one question and ask yourself okay!  What step would I take, to become what I want to be? And Ola, in an instance you will know the answer; this is exactly what I have to do, and do it. That’s about it. 

Moving on. How do we list the things we want to put into practice?

That’s simple too. Write a small journal on what would assist you in growing. It could be anything. For instance- If you are obese and you’re cribbing about it all day long, start with going for a walk. Not just a lousy walk where you feel like, I’m going for a walk and that’s satisfying, no. Make it work. Sweat it out, only then you’d feel the variance. 

One thing I would really want you to consider is Personal growth does click in easily, like I mentioned in earlier. So continuity of personal growth comes with quitting bad habits. Yes! It wouldn’t be serene at first; it would definitely take a diligent amount of time. But at the end it’s a moveable graph upwards. 

Now let me put together the 13 ingredients you should put into practice for Personal growth. 


Ready, get, set go…

  1. Set a goal. Why is it important to set a goal? Well if you want to have a goal how would you know what to work on. 

         Your goal is a roadmap to begin with, so map it out. 

With goals comes a timeline. By time line I don’t mean to scare you and say you have to accomplish your goal in a month and that’s a necessity. No, I absolutely don’t mean that. By timeline, I mean give your goals a boundary, that would help you guide your way through. 

  1. So a goal without a timeline is just a dream.
Dream + Date = Goal

Since you now have a goal and a roadmap and a timeline to it, what is the next stair you’d want to climb? Definitely it would be applying the action. But a lot of times people are deceived. It’s not just enlisting and mapping, it’s the metric. The metric has to keep moving only then your growth will be enhanced.

  1. Knowing is not enough; applying it is.

I knew someone who always told me I would be initiating meditation from tomorrow, I really have to, he said. And he kept telling me that for days and months, but the day never arrived. He just kept delaying it and delaying it. And down the line never happened to put it into practice. That’s what happens to a lot of us. Accept it or not, but it is what we do as human’s. You always wait for that moment, that person, that time. Therefore don’t delay it until tomorrow makes it happen today. 

  1. The best way to get something done is to begin. Stop Procrastinating and start working.

Well once you’re in the notion of something you undoubtedly have to practice it. Again and again every single day. The single act of waking up early, or crashing into bed early is the best you could start with, because with practice comes strength to want to have to do it every single day.

  1. Quantity is greater than quality when it comes to practice.

Yeah, Yeah! I have implemented all the points that you’ve mentioned until now, well it doesn’t really work, I practice it for some time and then I am over it, that’s exactly what’s going on in your head right? Well I can read your mind then. (Just kidding) Why is that happening? It’s because your mind keeps racing over various factors in life.

Your mind is on a race track 24/7 you have to bring it to rest. So how do you tackle your brain? It’s a simple chip in meditation. Be it 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but try to meditate. Now you’re wondering gosh I’ll have to meditate for personal growth seriously? Yes! It’s because meditation has gained millions of converts, helping them ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost mood and immunity, and resolve pregnancy problems. So practicing meditation is totally a win-win. 

  1. It’s your mind that creates the world, so meditate.

Your mind is at peace and so is your body, because what goes on mentally does affect physically. There’s another trick that works wonders to actually relieve you from stress, as the seeping in of the warm oil makes you relaxed At that moment.  Worked for me, and so I would like to mention it. Applying oil on your head could really calm you down as well as help in promoting hair growth. It also strengthens hair and revitalizes the growth of hair follicles. This is a patent in personal growth. 

  1. Happiness is a head massage, with your favorite oil.

There are many organizations that practice laughing, I wondered for a long time it’s dumb to just laugh with a bunch of oldies around you, I’d look like the new joker in town. Honestly years after my evaluation as to why do they actually invest time in doing that? What do they fetch? Well the answer is. Laughing is the best medicine as it relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. 

Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. There you go with so many benefits with the simplest act. 

  1. Laughter a day keeps your stress away.

How many of us are addicted to watching Netflix? Or addicted to playing a particular game. Plenty of people are fixated on their TV’s and I pad in watching series to gain nothing in return. Instead, practice something productive. Read a book; play a sport; in that case you could also watch something productive like documentaries, or watching a cooking show.

  1. Productivity is equivalent to valuing your time.
Busy People vs Productive People

A lot of people believe they are unworthy because they compare their lives with others. He has a lavish life, he could buy whatever it is that he desires. According to studies, money cannot buy happiness, it’s psychologically proven that people who are rich undergo more turbulence than the ones who are not so rich. It’s simply because the disturbance of the mind state has to do with the money, the more you have the more you. And that’s what makes you lustful in every criterion. 

  1. Stop comparing and start living.

 The human body is a creation from god. Absolutely a phenomenon. Are we actually cautious about our bodies? Do we actually take time to heed on our bodies? The accelerated life we are living has shattered our hygiene habits upside down. Let’s go back to school and brush up on being hygienic. 

 I know I sound crazy for taking you back to school, but I have come across people who actually have inherited the lifestyle of being unhygienic. Taking a shower the first thing in the morning could consume time, but with practice you’ll acquire it. It’s the same with brushing your teeth at night, many of us are lazy when it comes to brushing our teeth at night, but with action comes conditioning, and with conditioning comes results. Think about the benefits you would capture with these tiny drills. 

  1. Hygiene is two thirds of health.

When I was in college all head over heels, about being slim, looking stunning, keeping myself hydrated, the one thing I realized was, when people get busy with overloaded responsibilities they forget about taking care of themselves. For instance the minor effort of drinking water. They don’t realize water plays such a vital role in our lives. I have come across so many people who have various illnesses because of the lack of water content in their body. It’s a disgrace that people don’t have time to sip water? Though, knowing the benefits. This could be one of the basic ingredients in Personal growth according to me. Go ahead and drink water.

  1. There is magic on this planet it is contained in water.

Love is something that you give it away and it comes right back to you. A song that was actually famous when we were kids. Why is it that we remember this song? It’s simply because it’s logical. In the same way if you think of growth, be it personal or business, you would always see yourself clinching with people who push you in doing the right thing. Would you rather be around people who motivate you or demotivate you? Coax yourself into it. Surrounding yourself with the right people are particularly important as much as believing in you. 

  1. Surround yourself with people who bring about the best in you.

At Last, Personal Growth is a Process; you can’t grow in one day!

Change is inevitable

Growth is an endlessly iterative process. Learn it, practice it, live it. If you want to change your life, it’s hard work and a lot of effort, it’s not the quick fix, it’s the breakthrough, it’s not glorious, it’s specifically tedious, which would help you fall in love with it in time. 

 I hope the ingredients in proper proportion may nourish your appetite, blend it, stir it, add some more sprinklers along the way and you’re good to go. I know it sounds like a shake. Isn’t the shake refreshing, but there’s always more you can add to it such as the process of personal growth. 

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