Motivation 101 with Loy - The Unprodigal Son

Motivation 101 with Loy – The Unprodigal Son

Motivation 101 with Loy is a series of stories that teach us life lesson every Friday by our great author Mr. Loyson Paes

At some point in life, we would have heard the story of the ‘prodigal’ son and may have also got some of our morals in life out of it. It’s indeed a beautiful story! 

For the uninitiated, the Prodigal Son story is about a young son who walks up to his rich father and demands that he get his share of the property immediately. After long discussions, when he gets what he wants, he bids adieu to his father and elder brother and goes away. He squanders all the wealth and, in a matter of months when he is broke, he comes back to ask forgiveness from his father. 

Much to his surprise, the father throws a banquet on his homecoming, much to the dismay of the elder son, who loyally stayed by his side. The father is quoted saying that this son who was lost is now found and hence the celebration. 

The story, however, never spoke of the elder son’s feelings toward the whole situation. I’m sure he would never have understood / want to understand the ‘lost and found’ funda. 

As parents, historically, we have always been attending to the child who cries the loudest for the milk. But in the bargain, are we ignoring the one who has been adjusting all throughout? 

I noticed this in my son’s behavior and my daughter’s. My daughter is flamboyant and demands attention; we generally succumb due to her gorgeous looks and her heavenly traits of making expressions that will make many a great warrior submit. 

My son, on the other hand, is someone who does not ask for but expects attention. My wife and I have been making conscious efforts to make sure that when I compliment my daughter, I do the same to my son as well. 

The Prodigal Son story ends at a feast, but I’m sure that this may have only been the beginning of the end of the beautiful relationship that existed between the elder son and the father. After all, we are all human beings! 

– Loyson Paes

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