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Life as we didn’t know it! – Part 1

Life as we didn’t know it! – is a lengthy story want to share with you my dear readers.. She desperately caressed her seven year old son’s head for the millionth time as she looked at the cardiac monitoring machine that still continued to manage the crooked lines. The beeping sound in the machine had been playing for the last two days and he had not woken up since.

She recollected that when he was two years old, he would wake up at the slightest sound in the bedroom and they had to be so cautious. That time, they wished he wouldn’t wake up. Today was different. 

The junior doctor hurried to his side to make quick notes as may have been instructed by his senior. As she looked at the young doctor’s oval face with an aquiline nose, she noted that he appeared tensed and prayed he would have an update on her son at least now. Since they had arrived, she was only told that she had to be patient. However in situations like these, a minute could feel as long as a hundred light years. But as she motioned towards him to check on the findings, he slipped away leaving her with absolutely no updates.

She slowly sat back on the uncomfortable little stool provided in the ICU.  She held his little limp hand whilst a tear rolled down her soft cheeks. She remembered the first time she held her beautiful bonny boy in her arms seven years back. It was the most beautiful moment of her life to see the miracle live, a miracle that had developed inside of her for the last nine months. All these thoughts were making it more and more difficult for her to see him in this state. She tried to break through all the thoughts and focus on the present. 

The fresh bruise marks on his back that were discovered yesterday was still a mystery and she shuddered to think of who could have had the heart to even raise a hand on a darling boy like him. She knew that that was going to be a separate battle that she would have to fight after the one that she was currently fighting – she did not have insurance.

She did not know how she was going to bear the finances for this unexpected and unfortunate event. The variety of thoughts kept coming back to her and made her feel weak and pale. As she rested her head next to his puny shoulder, there was a sudden rise in the decibel level of the cardiac monitoring machine. She woke up with a sudden start only to see a rushed movement amongst the nurses. One of them hastened out to call the doctor, the other two hurried to the boy’s side as she stepped aside to make way. One of the nurses rudely nudged for her to step out.

She covered her face in horror as she obliged with the nurse’s orders and rushed outside and straight to the little but elegantly done God’s room. She knelt down and wept bitterly unable to bear any negative thoughts. She had never come to any religious place after her mixed marriage as her husband and she had different thoughts about God and the way He works. They strongly believed that being great human beings was enough.

But her belief seemed to be changing. She needed someone powerful to keep a strong hand on her shoulder and tell her that all was going to be ok.  Almost immediately and strangely enough she felt a very strong yet warm hand touch her shoulder. 

To be continued….

– Loyson Paes

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