Injecting Human Values Into Management

Injecting Human Values Into Management

Human value is the gate way for the holistic development of an individual. This sterling value plays a pivotal role in the arena of management also. Apart from the management field “human value” is playing a predominant role in every walk of life. Human value should be the base for the journey of life. Values cherished in the hearts of mankind are getting eroded today. This is a big threat posed by mankind for the survival of mankind itself. Human value is a vehicle to bring harmony.

What is management?

Management means getting the things done by utilizing human resources in a proper way or running a particular system by human intervention so as to achieve the goals. 

Bring the best out of oneself

The saga of management is having special significance because, here the human minds, human potentialities interact with each other and work to get the highest output.  Bring the best out of oneself for the organization’s development, galaxy of dynamic character – traits which are all the hallmarks of management skill. In the process of management, understanding the pulse of the workforce is very much helpful to realize the objectives. A man’s endeavours mirror the impressive spectrum of latent powers and layers of hidden talents in him. 

Core values of management

Approaches of a quality management

Pragmatic approach is the most beneficial investment for good management. Quality of administration depends upon ‘human values’ cultivated by the individuals working in a system or an organization and a person’s capability who is managing that entity. In the process of getting the things done – if a man is employed in such a way that he has to work beyond his capacity, it does not amount to extraction of labour or service. But, it is unethical exploitation; it is sheer injustice to inalienable dignity and intrinsic worth of the human personality. Under the guise of management, no one is having any moral as well as legal right to exploit the basic human rights of a labourer or worker. 

One should give respect for human dignity. Emphasis is to be given to wipe out the blot of human neglect. We do not need foxy cleverness in management. What we need is that – congenial milieu for work. Then only, the organization is having the right to claim “legitimate expectation” on a good result.

Injecting Human Values Into Management

Management is an art.  At the same time it is an arduous task. In administration, the chair of authority and power must be exercised in a judicious, balanced way. Vision with mission and ideology should be the cornerstone for administration. The gamut of management demands human touch and philanthropic vision which will contribute peace in the working atmosphere. 

These are the two valuable assets to give higher returns in management:

  1. Administrative efficiency speaks to the strength of management. 
  2. Capacity of reasoning, judging, speech and communication, gems of human values play a vital role in management. 

The feeling of humanist concern for others crystallizes the management concept. As expressed by the Vedic scriptures of ancient India ‘Responsible and Responsiveness’ are the two core principles of the “Philosophy of Management”. Management Jurisprudence commands that – we ought not to give any space for toxic substances which will ultimately destroy not only the organization but, human system itself. 

If there is no place for human factors in management naturally the development process becomes arrested. Any succumb in a working environment so as to involve in unethical, malpractices is the sign of bankruptcy of human values. Due to this good will, prosperity flies out of the windows of the organization. Inward qualitative richness and humanism of an individual can give ethical response to inner combustion in a working abode. Only galvanic human value systems can inspire, energize and can add more life to the entire fora of management. 

Health of a system or an institution depends on the mentality, quality of human resource employed in that institution. In the road of management, disconnection of all connection with human force involved in an organization, leads to burning flame of discontentment and heartburn. It dilutes the flow of labour efficiency, happiness and mental peace of human resource engaged in service, production or manufacturing activity. Thereby, there will be deterioration in the quality. In this way, it is having far reaching impact and repercussions on the quality of that organization or system as a whole. In the path of administration, diminution of willingness to respond to the problems in a human way paves the way for labour unrest. When management becomes humanized on that day we will get a human response for any crisis.

The needs:

There is an urgent need to acquire ‘manliness in man’ a foremost criterion of human being which is on the verge of extinction. In this era, there is no lack of intelligentsia. But, there is a lack of ‘humanistic impulse’ in an individual. Today, something vital is missing. We can see value erosion and truncated humanity. Lack of human concern is an Anathema. This is the right time to penetrate the sense of humanity into the blood and nerve of the administration. Then only the workplace will become home of peace and harmony. 

7 Principles of quality management

Two important qualities which can trigger all other qualities are missing i.e. 

  1. The concern for others
  2. Honesty. 

Injustice, corruption, dishonesty, oppression, mismanagement become the order of the day. This filth is to be cleaned through the injection of human values in a genius way. There is a basic necessity to inject humanistic ideals into every department of life to give meaning to the life of an individual. Amicable inter – human relationship is the fabric of management and society. 

The main purpose of education is to enlighten an individual and make him respond to human situations. Education is not limited for studying and collection of information. Whatever is stored in the brain is to be internalized and it must be reflected in one’s behaviour. But, the tragedy of today is that,   if you are more educated, more self – centered, intensively individualistic, egoistic, more corrupt you are. 

When human values are eroded, other evils get into the system. This depicts the peak of the worst situation. Here, the basic purpose of education itself is defeated. The so-called educated will not respond to the human situation. But, an illiterate person is thousands of times better than that of an educated person. His human heart creates a world of difference. Hence, along with intellectualistic education, humanistic impulse is to be injected into it. Enlightening the minds and the hearts of mankind must be the prime motto of education today. As Swami Vivekananda the great saint of India opined a century ago – “we need man making education”. Then only, we can expect improvement in the quality of life of an individual.

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Everyone for everyone principle 

To bring a sea change in the entire fora of management first of all, there must be inherent zest for a change and we have to inculcate, imbibe the culture of virtues and humanistic values. Then we have to plant the seeds of humanity in the hearts of our younger generation. “Everyone unto himself” attitude is to be changed into the “Everyone for everyone” principle. This must be the foundational value or touchstone for management. 

There must be profound inner transformation on the human horizon. Human concern is the lifeblood of management. This concern must be sparked from within a person. It can’t be infused from without. So, revolutionary change is needed for the hour. Tremendous change will result from the collective and deliberate efforts by the society. 

Change in the mental set up brings change in attitude. Attitudinal change can do wonders. Thorough change in attitude brings change in the system as such. There will be a real progress when humanistic passion, human orientation becomes embedded in every channel of management. The only way to upgrade the whole system is by suffusing “human value system” into the edifice of management.

Let me conclude

Let us not curse the darkness but, light the lamp of human values in the hearts of human beings which will illuminate the path of our life. Let us hope for the best. May our cherished dreams come true.