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Increasing self-engagement at work – 7 Ways

Increasing self-engagement at work – in this article author has put an effort to explain seven ways by which a businessman or an organization can increase self engagement at work. We all Indians will never forget Uri attack in the year 2016. It was Major Vihaan Singh Shergill of Indian army who led a covert operation against a group of militant who attacked a base in Uri Kashmir and killed many soldiers.

This secret surgical strike was a 10 days attack. The entire operation was closely monitored by National Security Advisor Mr Ajit Doval, defence minister  Mr. Manohar parrikar, Chief of army staff General Dalbir Singh. It was Ajit Doval who constantly guided, motivated the Indian army and ordered them to respond against Pak with full force. This continuous motivation increased the self engagement of all soldiers day and night for 10 continuous days without rest.

Blog Side heading pints - Gallup's state of the workplace survey for Increasing self-engagement at work
Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Survey for Increasing self-engagement at work

When self-engagement is at its peak, success is assured. Every businessman should work hard and make his team or employee work hard, just like the Indian army does day and night to protect our country. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace survey, only 15% of employees around the world work with dedication, putting in their entire energy and talent, while 67 percent are disengaged and 18 percent are actively disengaged.

Employees who are totally engaged are always noted to be the most loyal and emotionally dedicated. When an employee raises his or her self-engagement and works with complete dedication, he or she develops into an emerging leader and stays in the company for a longer period of time than other employees. Therefore, the employer should always focus on increasing this percentage of engaged workers. There is direct impact of self-engagement on productivity and profitability. As such a good manager always prioritizes self engagement of workers and bring organizational transformation

Following are the seven ways by which a businessman or an organization can increase self engagement at work.

crux of the blog article - 7 Ways by which businessman or an organisation can help in increasing self engagement at work

Increasing self-engagement at work – 1. Focus on personal development

Any institution’s human resource is a valuable asset, whether it is a profitable or non-profit organization. When an ordinary man concentrates on his or her personal development, he or she becomes a valuable resource. By focusing on self-development, one can attain goals, realize dreams, and improve one’s quality of life. Let me use the CEO of a BOAT company, Mr. Aman Gupta, as an example. He was a regular guy who was always working on improving his overall personality. In 2016, he launched his own company “BOAT” .Within a few years, his company’s product became Amazon’s best-selling item. As a result, Aman Gupta might be seen as a role model for what can be achieved by focusing on personal growth.

2. Encourage creativity

Creativity is a soft skill that allows a person to do tasks in a unique way. When a person attempts to stand out in a crowd, he is usually successful. Rather than doing  different things, one should endeavor to do things differently. When a person works in an inventive manner, utilizing all of his or her own abilities and expertise, he or she will be more involved in their work. More a person gets engaged, more he will feel enthusiastic and passionate about their work. As a supervisor, one should support subordinates creative work as soon as it is recognized.

3.Go for teamwork

The word TEAM can be expanded as  ” Together Everyone Achieve More”. According to John Maxwell “Teamwork makes the dream work”. A good team leader is always more concerned with “WE” than “I am When we read the Mahabharat narrative, we learn that the Pandavas won the fight despite the fact that the Kowravas had a large army and the Pandavas only had five men. The Pandavas’ collaboration and solidarity are the reason behind this. A single matchstick can be easily broken, but a group of matchsticks cannot be broken. This demonstrates the value of belonging to a team, group, bunch, or batch.

4. Reward the team for hard work

We are all aware that hard labour has no substitute. It is the duty of every superior to notice the hard work of subordinate and give a meaningful reward for his work. Working hard with smartness makes a subordinate well knowledge, skilled and experienced. Subordinates get motivated, sense of belongingness towards the firm is developed, when they are identified for their good hard work. Increased productivity and enhanced engagement in work, sense of belongingness towards the firm are the result of meaningful rewards. The reward may be monetary or non monetary.

5. Motivate employees to use modern gadgets and resources

There are several sophisticated technologies available nowadays that help to reduce and simplify the labour that needs to be done. Digital India, the Government of India’s flagship programme, has made the entire country digitally empowered in the realm of technology. This form of initiation should be used at every institution in order to boost up the production. Every superior has the responsibility of ensuring that all subordinates are digitally literate. During the last two years of lockdown, institutions that utilized modern devices and resources were less damaged and have survived successfully.

6. Psychological safety

A worker’s requirement for workplace safety is critical. When a worker is in a safe atmosphere, he or she may concentrate entirely on their work. A sense of safety comes when an employee has the right to speak and question in the workplace. With psychological safety, the team becomes stronger, more productive, and more effective. Psychological safety can help increase employee or team engagement. As a result, assure the team that, no matter how difficult or critical the circumstance, they will be supported by the leader. Only when a person feels safe and protected at work, he or she can give 100 percent result.

7. Put everyone in right role and give timely training

Management experts believe that an organization should always choose the best person for the job. A suitable, fit and qualified candidate for a vacant position is a valuable asset to a company. They become more proficient, responsible, and accountable because of timely training.

We now see various corporations visiting educational institutions and hiring exceptional individuals for open positions. As a result, educational institutions are concentrating on a student’s overall development. So, they provide students with not just theoretical but also real job experience through projects and internships. Timely training promotes a person’s self-engagement by making them more skilled, experienced, and efficient.

We all are aware that Indian military force is considered as one of the best military force in the world due to the fact that they all show 100% self engagement. Such commitment and self engaged workforce is needed to every organization in order to survive and thrive in 21st century. The work force will truly become a good and valuable asset when majority of them are fully engaged in their work. So every organization’s top officials should learn to master the art of self engagement.

-Rashmi B

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