Amazing tips for a happy and stress-free life

Amazing tips for a happy and stress-free life

How to live a happy life ahead? is the question of every human being. The secret of happiness lies in the simplification of life. Simple living encourages high thinking and leads to contentment which in turn gives us “inner wealth”, i.e. the wealth of the mind and of the soul.

Before we move further to see how to be happy in life? we must understand

  1. What is a happy life?
  2. Where does happiness lies?

What is a happy life?

Desire to make the very best utilization of your life, elusive thought, persistent positive thoughts, a celebration of little things/victories, mindfulness in every little thing you do, and the feeling of true joy in your life.

Where does happiness lies?

Happiness lies in our thoughts, within ourselves. Happiness is a choice. Enjoying your own company, living in peace and harmony with your body, mind, and soul will give you true happiness and you will never ask anyone how to live a happy life? instead, you always start enjoying the little things about you and your life moments.

Living happily is a state of mind constantly being in love with yourself. For being truly happy you neither need other people nor materialistic things.

A contented man devotes himself to virtues like Truth, beauty, love, goodness, kindness, and charity. By pursuing and inculcating the above virtues, a man can feel true happiness.

I do not mean that for simplification of life, a man should become an ascetic which may be considered as a negative kind of happiness. But to have that positive kind of happiness, in this present day of a speedy and stressful life, we have to faithfully carry out our responsibilities to our career, home, and the country.

All this should be done in the light and spirit of selfless service. If you wish sincerely to lead a happy life, you should also make others happy, thereby; you taste real and lasting happiness. There is a kind of joy in serving others with virtuous motives and in sacrificing what one has for the good of others. An act of goodness is in itself an act of happiness.

There is a sense of happiness in doing one’s work honestly and efficiently. One more good quality for perfect happiness lies in renunciation (of some comforts). Wealth may give us joy for a while and fame may provide us with fleeting excitement.

They can’t give us permanent happiness. For example, you have read the stories of kings of those yesteryears and biographies of present-days dictators who had everything to make them happy, and yet they felt and led unhappy lives and some of them committed suicides even. Why?

The main cause is they have not practiced renunciation. Some of them were of the opinion that they knew everything and considered themselves superior to God. That was one of the causes of their downfall and sad endings of their valuable lives.

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In doing our duty sincerely, we often feel peace of mind, which is an essential part of happiness. The stings of misfortune spare none. But they will not cow us, if we sincerely cultivate the spirit of renunciation, self –sacrifice, contentment, and show dedication in our work (job or duty) will make us know how to live a happy life.

“He who controls himself can control others and he is considered the richest man on this earth who practices contentment with what he earns honestly (maybe in small measures) in daily life.”

So, How to live a happy life?

How to live a happy life? Just follow these 5 rules to lead a happy life.

In the present age, happiness has become synonymous with material success. It has become so encompassing that people spend most of their time as well as expend a considerable amount of their physical and mental energy in trying to achieve it/know how to live a happy life.

Sadly, not many people realize that this is not just a phenomenon of modern-day living, but a major degenerative disease in their lives. In an effort to achieve our goals, we forget that the mind and body are not completely suited to cope with such stress and strain. 

Happiness is not synonymous with the marital fulfillment of worldly desires but actually is the complete freedom from this. The mind is at peace only when it is free from the carving for material and personal gains. The concept of stress is born out of this dilemma. In pursuit of attaining happiness along with materialistic goals, one is confronted with a situation that needs harmony. It is the discrepancy between the desires and their fulfillment that throws one out of harmony with the environment.

The feeling of frustration, fear, and anxiety born out of this situation is recognized as stress. To achieve that elusive harmony man has renewed his interest in the philosophy of meditation.

The following insights in the infographics will help you know how to live a happy life:

18 Insight to live happily - Infographics

Meditation, worldwide, is recognized as a means to free one from fear and frustrations. It gives an inner strength which gradually leads to a harmonious existence. What we need to know and learn is how to use this mind to improve our lives. Meditation is the key which helps us to awaken the sleeping mind and bring it into a state of consciousness. 

The philosophy of meditation is entrenched in the belief:One should not search for harmony in the environment or the external world. This search should instead, be concentrated within the self”. 

One must turn inwards and not outwards to understand the chaos that surrounds us. This kind of introspective thinking will reveal fears, anxieties, priorities, and goals and in retrospect help one to look at them in their true perspective.

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Meditation’s first step is concentration or contemplation. The concentration helps the mind to develop a state of receptivity. 

To do this one can sit in a natural, relaxed position and close one’s eyes and concentrate on something, for instance, the rising sun. When one first starts to practice concentration, one will find that the mind begins to wander within a minute or two. Gradually, the mind will get trained to concentrate for longer periods of time. It is at this stage that mind becomes a void allowing the spiritual mind to enter and allowing it to flow freely.

Concentration will help to discipline the mind allowing it to rid itself of unimportant, trivial, thoughts and train it to focus and dwell on the important ones. The most valuable aspect of concentration is that it helps the mind to free itself from distractions, improves memory, decreases tensions and leads to self-knowledge. It tends to illuminate the ‘self’ revealing our inner selves and consequently know our fears. 

When we know our fears, we can discard them. This is the most harmonizing experience. At this point, the mind has the ability to keep out all external distractions and influences. You will discover that it has helped change your entire life making it much richer and certainly infused with meaning. This is the experience of “fulfilment” which no material achievement can ever bring.

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