How to be happy?

How to be happy? – 6 Easy Steps

Happiness is a passionate state portrayed by sensations of euphoria, fulfillment, satisfaction, and satisfaction. While bliss has a wide range of definitions, it is frequently portrayed as including positive feelings and life fulfillment.

At the point when a great many people talk about joy, they may be discussing how they feel right now, or they may be alluding to a more broad feeling of how they feel about existence in general.

Since joy/ being happy will in general be an extensively characterized term, therapists and other social researchers ordinarily utilize the term ‘abstract prosperity’ when they talk about this enthusiastic state. Similarly, as it sounds, emotional prosperity will in general zero in on a person’s general individual sentiments about their life in the present.

Thinking how to be happy, Following are tips to be happy when you are sad:

  1. Close your eyes remember the most joyous moment in your life. It brings smile on your face. You will be happy. Enjoy that moment for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Memorize your school days when you got high appreciation.
  3. Listen to classical music or instrumental music. It soothes your heart.
  4. Walk in your garden for at least 10 to 15 minutes. And perceive the beauty of nature. 
  5.  Laugh from the heart. Always laughing makes you feel light and happy.
  6. Hug you love most it may be your soul mate, mother, sibling or a friend etc. It gives the feeling of warmth, safety.
Following are tips to be happy when you are sad

Laugh and smile: 

Research regarding this has proved that the very demonstration of smiling can improve your state of mind and cause you to feel more joyful. Furthermore, laughing discharges endorphins, those cerebrum synthetic compounds that improve your temperament. 

Despite the fact that you may not feel like it, in any event, utilizing those little muscles that encourage smiling and laughing can make you more joyful. First you start to smile and laugh intentionally when you are sad by memorising happy moments gradually it will come automatically, even though situation is not favourable. During bad time also you will not lose your temperament.

Try to watch some funny videos, movies; read some humorous books this will bring happiness to you.

Cry or weep: 

Cry from the heart, it lightens your heart and mind. Crying or weeping makes you feel better. Do not hesitate to cry when you feel upset, bad or hurt. Don’t think that weeping or crying lower down you. Crying can improve your mood. When you feel that you can’t control your emotions don’t hold it and tears roll out, make you to feel better. It gives some sort of relax and you will feel relieved. After a cry your heart and mind will be calm as you got the sadness off your chest.

Crying improves your mood with reducing stress. Controlling or holding your tears may cause serious emotional, hormonal diseases. If you feel difficult to stop crying, consult physician or therapist.

Journaling your feelings: 

Consider purchasing a diary that you can assign only for recording your musings and sentiments. Regularly it is useful to record your sentiments of trouble recorded as a hard copy so as to all the more likely understand them. This will enable you to get “in order” with yourself and accomplish a more profound degree of self-comprehension. 

Journaling – in any event, for 20 minutes per day – attempts to explain and arrange your contemplations about your trouble, which may assist you with bettering pinpoint the reasons why you are feeling dismal. It likewise causes you monitor your social and enthusiastic examples. Furthermore, some examination has discovered that journaling can even assistance your physical wellbeing and fortify your insusceptible framework since it attempts to lessen pressure. 

While composing, focus on what you are composing, not how you are composing it. At the end of the day, don’t zero in on your syntax or spelling. A case of a diary section may look something like this: “I have had an especially harsh day today – my dismal contemplations about the separation won’t disregard me. Some of the time I don’t know whether I ought to try and still feel dismal about it on the grounds that despite the fact that it happened a year prior, the marriage had been dead for quite a while.

I realize that. Yet, I do stress that I’m stuck previously and that my children are languishing over it. I’m likewise irate at myself for not having the option to let myself let the bitterness past go. Individuals get separated from constantly, so for what reason am I struggling? Conversing with my sister helped the last time I had an unpleasant day; I think I’ll call her. I realize tomorrow is one more day.”

Try to look at the bigger picture: 

How to make your every day routine as worth? Try to see positivity and feel the warmth of your companions, family members chit chat. Put forth an attempt to discover one thing to be upbeat about every day. Feel good about what you have in your day to day life. Life is very interesting when you are interested. Just make yourself to feel happy by putting challenges.

Just recollect happy moments. Those moments will bring smile on your face. Your heart will be filled with joy and happiness. You can have those cherishing moments once again. That is the lovely thing about recollections; since things may appear to be awful right currently doesn’t imply that they’ll be that way tomorrow. 

Don’t consider the sorrows or sadness. Just forget it by considering it as a bad dream. When you are always thinking about past misery or sorrows it will not yield any positivity. Don’t take it seriously. And don’t think, focus about your sadness continuously. It makes you to worry. 

Divert your mind

It happens in everyone’s life. Some times when you are sad it’s very difficult to think anything else. This type of sadness affects more to your health. Feeling of helplessness do more harm than that of feeling of happiness. In this situation you are not avoiding problems instead engaging in activities where you feel relaxation and peacefulness. Stay tuned to happy, soulful ragas, tunes along with songs or instrumental which inspire you and remind you happiest and memorable moments.

Just see your life time memorable photos or life time achievements photos like 1st day of your early school, school day trip photos, graduation day snaps etc. This will remind you that this shall also passes quickly. And sadness is temporary.


Try to read some story books or comics during the time of sadness. Sit in cool, calm place or you can choose your admiring place for this matter. Reading is a good habit and it shows different world to you.

Exercise Reduces stress:   

Go for a walk or a jog. Do whatever gets you up and moving. Practicing will make your body discharge endorphins, those “vibe great” synthetics that improve your temperament and hinder the body’s pressure reaction. 

Any kind of activity or physical action which expects you to use energy and agreement your muscles will trigger your body to deliver these accommodating endorphins. So regardless of whether you don’t feel like a turn class or 5k run, simply cleaning the house or going for a 20 minutes’ walk can enable your body to begin delivering the endorphins you have to feel more joyful.

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Eat a healthy and balanced Diet:

Scientists have confirmed that what and when you eat can affect how you feel and your moods. If you’re feeling sad, try eating a low-fat, low-protein, but high-carbohydrate snack, such as a toast.  Always eat healthy and balanced diet. 

Visit different places:

Routine can make you feel bad. Go visit a friend’s house, picnic spot, take a weekend trip outside your city or town.

You could even shake things up by creating small “disturbances” in your everyday schedule. For example, do things in a different order in the morning. Make coffee after your shower, for example. Leave earlier for work. Just break out of that daily routine for a bit and see how you feel. 

Involve in your hobby:

If you have a hobby like singing, painting, writing poems, photography or playing instruments just involve in that during the time when you are sad. It gives some sort of relaxation. It brings your mood to normal. When you involve in your hobby you will enjoy that moment, that enjoyment reduces your stress, sadness etc. Find a way to make yourself feel calm, peace and happy from your daily struggle.

Take a bath: 

Cold showers can be gainful and mending; research has proposed that they can improve dissemination and blood stream, diminish pressure and strain, and lift your mind-set. The virus discharges endorphins into your circulation system and mind and gives you a sentiment of revival and inspiration. 

In case you’re more disposed to showers, have a go at putting some Epsom salts (around 1-2 cups) in the shower. Notwithstanding detoxifying the body and diminish strain, Epsom salts are accounted for to trigger the arrival of endorphins, and consequently decrease pressure and improve temperament. Consider making your shower colder than you would typically. 

Chit chats with your friend

Talking to friend and sharing your sadness reduces your sorrow or loneliness feeling and helpful to make you feel happy. When you share sadness it is helpful to reduce sadness when you share happiness with others, amount happiness is doubling. Your emotions will come out during the time of talking with your friend.

Studies have shown that persons who experience stresses like loss of a partner or job cope up with their stress through their friends. Sometimes your friend may be experienced whatever the situations you are experiencing and your friend can give suggestions or advice, solution for your sadness.

Friends can likewise assist you with feeling upheld and reduce the inclination that you are distant from everyone else. They offer you a spot to be heard and perceived. Moreover, basically conversing with a companion may improve your disposition since you will probably wind up grinning and giggling sooner or later!

Going out:

Watching movie, go out for a dinner, going for an excursion, picnic, refreshment with friends, nature seeing can improve your mood. Just talking, exchanging pleasantries and scenery can bring your mood into normal from the stress, anxiety you are facing.

Spend time with your pet

If you are introvert not feel like being social, spend your time with pets. They show their love and affection. Cuddling favourite pet animals will help to come out from sad mood. Research has proved that spending time with dogs increases the concentration of endorphins, chemicals that interact with the receptors in your brain and thereby creating positive feelings.

Engage yourself in some other activities: 

Keep yourself busy. Prepare food at kitchen. Involve in volunteer activity for eg: caring for stray dogs, providing shelter to them, volunteering at senior’s house, or at orphanage, involve in youth development activities, community oriented works etc. 

There are many ways to feel happy when you are sad. For your happiness and sadness you are the main reason. If you are firm no one can make you to feel sad or happy. When you have a balanced emotion you will be calm and happy.


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