Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced advisor; a wise and trusted counsellor who advises and guides someone who is less experienced and is willing to learn

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of curating the performance, learning and development of anyone who wants to develop. 

Do I need a coach when I already have a mentor? 

It depends on what levels in life would you want to reach. A mentor will have a more holistic view on your life’s development, whilst a coach will focus on specific issues and areas of development. The choice is completely yours. 

How do I begin the journey to be successful?

Everything starts with a first step. It could be baby steps but as long as you continue to move positively in the direction that you want, you are making progress. And MCQNA is there to help you at any given time.  

Without an actual mentor, how does MCQNA intend to play a role? 

At the beginning of our journey, we are available to you through periodic articles on various subjects, Subscription emails, periodic recommendation of books, podcasts, etc. At a later time, we would like to onboard mentors and coaches who would work with us on a part time basis and would be available to anyone who seeks. 

Is mentorship recommended for me? 

We would like to believe that you are doing well. The very fact that you are browsing through MCQNA shows that you have a hunger to learn more and hence do more. From our deep experience, mentorship broadens your outlook in life and helps you look at different perspectives that will show you doors of opportunity that you never even knew existed. 

How do I find a good coach / mentor? 

Honestly, as an individual you should be comfortable with the person who would be coaching / mentoring you. We believe in the fact that when you are ready to learn, the teacher would appear. Reach out to us if you think you are ready to go to the next level and we will guide you to find the right coach / mentor.