Benefits of Child Mentorship

6 Benefits of Child mentorship: old method with new revolutions

“Behind every successful person, there is one elementary Truth”.

Before knowing about Benefits of Child mentorship: old method with new revolutions, Somewhere, some way, someone cares about their growth and development. Each person‘s life cycle starts with a purpose and it is expected to end with a good note.Between these extreme points, our journey has to undergo difficulties, inculcate good values, acquire knowledge and success then lead as an example around the society. Each stage of human development, particularly from preschool to adulthood development needs some special care, love, affection, recognition, motivation, and guidance from a person who plays an important role in molding one person’s life into the right path.

We define this process as mentorship. In a simple way, we can say mentorship is a period of time during which a person receives guidance from an experienced adult who helps to accomplish desired goals. Mentorship has many forms, in that child mentorship is one of the important forms that are gaining huge momentum in the current scenario. Let us understand the importance, key benefits and role of mentors under the child mentorship process.

Importance of child mentorship: 

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Role of Parents in understanding and monitoring child’s development and importance of planned mentoring

What is child mentorship?

There is no specific definition for it, Child mentorship is the process of matching mentors with kids who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives. This can be predominantly defined as planned mentorship.

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Before moving further let us understand this question:


Let us accept it, every child is unique and posses’ hidden talents. As parents, we always identify or are compelled to only study elementary rather than focusing on the creative part of the kid. Parents most of the time ignore the importance of effective communication and friendly behavior with kids. Due to this, children will be confused about their approach towards desired outcome and go directionless.

It’s always advisable to create a positive atmosphere between parent – kid relationships. Developing mentorship skills has tremendously changed the lifestyle of a kid and created a positive approach between them.

Busy lifestyle and career structure curtailed the parents’ participation in the process of child mentorship in their kids life.Immense communication gap created stress, losing focus, fear of loss or inferior complex among the kids. When such a situation arises it would be better to approach a guide or a mentor outside the family who can develop a kids’ path with inspiration and proper guidance.

In Child Mentorship good Mentor possesses the following qualities:

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1.    Willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise.

2.    Good listener and find a solution to any problem.

3.    Demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a positive role model.

4.    Exhibits enthusiasm in the field.

5.    Values ongoing learning and growth in the field.

6.    Provides guidance and constructive feedback.

7.    Sets and meets ongoing personal and professional goals.

8.    Values the opinions and initiatives.

9.    Motivates and inspires by setting a good example.

10.  Takes a personal interest in mentoring.

Mentorship typically occurs in one of the two forms:

A.    Naturally  

B. Planned

Natural mentoring comes from parents, teachers’ friends etc.

Planned mentoring is when a structured program is devised where we find matched mentors to kids with the above-mentioned.

The second form of mentoring is becoming more and more popular around the world.Kids get mentors from varied backgrounds. This will help to understand mentorship in education, career, and personal or venture developments.Once again parents play an important role of monitoring and introducing a new experience of mentorship into their kids life.

From above, we can understand that Child mentorship is slowly transforming into a new education format which is witnessing a significant demand in today’s 21st century.

Key Benefits of Child Mentorship

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“The two most important life goals, I would like every youth to have: one, increase the amount of time that you have at your disposal; second, increase what you can achieve in the time available”

One of the most inspiring and motivating messages to youth by DR.APJ Abdul  Kalam.

By introducing a child to new experiences and sharing positive values, mentors can help the young generation to avoid negative behaviors and achieve success.

A.    Strong relationship: 

Kids who build relationships with mentors learn how to tackle difficulties in building relationships and are able to set healthy boundaries. By spending quality time with an adult outside their families, that will help to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

B.    SWOT analysis of inner strength and confidence: 

Many kids struggle to maintain healthy self-esteem and feel less confident about them. A mentorship can help them to do SWOT analysis of their inner strength, weakness, opportunities and which threat can be avoided or predicted in the future. This will automatically help to improve their confidence, accurately see, and recognize their strengths and accomplishments.

C.    Reduced risk of Addiction: 

Some critical research has proved that kids who are mentored through grass roots are focused on studies and career rather than diverted their mind towards any life threatening addictions.

D.   Improved behavior: 

Due to unavoidable circumstances in the family, kids have to face some undeserved situation, which often makes it very difficult to maintain proper behavior in school and at home. Having a mentor helps them to learn how to control themselves and behave properly in society.

E.     Better performance and career growth: 

Kids who unfortunately do not have stable adult relationships and communication gaps often struggle to perform well in their schools and colleges. Their ability to focus may be impaired, they may not have the guidance that will help them to stay on track and perform better. All these deficiencies can be rectified at their earlier stage if they are mentored with LOVE, CARE AND MOTIVATION to achieve success. Healthy mentoring benefits kids to take higher education as a viable goal, teach them about financial and career options and then guide them towards making the best choices for the future.

F.     Healthier lifestyle choices: 

A healthy child mentorship can help kids to learn how to make healthy choices for themselves now and in the future by modeling responsible behaviour at different criteria or areas of society and life.

All put together results will be visible in the career graph of the child with positive vibes and success in the future.

How do mentors help children: Critical Mentoring Process, key takeaways

A mentor helps to stay focused and on track in children’s careers through advice, skill development, networking and so on. The mentorship process has 3 simple steps:

1.    Investigate

2.    Identify

3.    Plan

Why and how to investigate: 

The mentoring process begins with getting to -know – you, through a session to develop a relationship of TRUST. An environment of trust and mutuality must be established, this would help to develop an effective engagement of planning between mentor and kid

What to identify: 

A mentor supports the kid in facing new challenges by identifying and continuing to build upon the kids’ strength, needs and goals throughout and helps to identify the weakness and pitfalls. By sharing valuable experience, mentors help kids in making informed decisions and prioritizing the work.

Plan and outcome: 

A mentor challenges the kid to think out of box, which always helps them to be creative in the way of thinking and tackling a problem. It is very critical for a mentor to monitor the progress of the kid and have some checks and balances in place to see if the kid is heading on the right track.

Through these, the learning process and result will be witnessed in the kids and gain knowledge, experience and success equally.

Meanwhile, we can understand that, mentors have two roles – as an expert and other as role model. Overall, we can say a mentor helps to handle setbacks and problems, gain expert knowledge, skills and help in personal development.


Mentorship always provides kids with stable, caring, adult relationships they can depend on. We tried to throw some light on the basic aspects and advantages of child mentorship and tried best to give connective examples.However, one thing needs to be understood that Mentorship is not the only solution to create sustainability in children. Mentorship is one method, which gives better shape in kids’ lives.

When parents, teachers, each responsible adult and family member join hands equally then, we can develop a success formula for a better future. They are the main pillars of every child. When they understand their respective role, rather than escaping by giving excuses the children will be avoided becoming SCAPEGOATS.

“TRUE GUIDANCE IS LIKE A SMALL TORCH IN A DARK FOREST, IT DOESN’T SHOW EVERYTHING ONCE. BUT GIVES ENOUGH LIGHT FOR THE NEXT STEP TO BE SAFE ”. This inspiring quotes by Swami Vivekananda clearly indicates that A mentor or A guide can show you a right path, and they can inspire throughout your journey to reach the goal, when kids gives 100% hard work and dedication along with timely support of parents then distance to the final destination of SUCCESS can be accomplished very smoothly. Remember, “YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY”.

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