An Illustration showing an Abundance Mindset

21 amazing ways how an Abundance Mindset makes you successful

Each of the people who are successful in the world has an abundance mindset. But numerous readers are sure to be unsure regarding what abundance mindset is.

What is an abundance mindset?

The abundance mindset can be summarized by the belief that life brings before us numerous opportunities to find joy and success. The antonym of the abundance mindset is the scarcity mindset. When a person has a scarcity mindset, he harbors the feeling that it is only a handful of people in the world who get to experience happiness. Such a person would persistently fear to lose the good things in life.

How does an abundance mindset help you?

Leading a life of abundance is just one of the factors that help inculcate an abundance mindset. When an individual is blessed with abundance in life, he develops gratitude towards all things, almighty, and life in general. 

On the other side of the coin, people whose life is abundant with fear and scarcity find it difficult to succeed in life.

There are numerous ways in which an abundance mindset can help you attain a greater degree of success in life. It may call for an effort to switch your prevailing mindset to an abundance mindset. But when it does happen, it delivers well.

Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

“If you look at what you have in your life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.”

– Oprah Winfrey

6 Expiatory points about Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity Mindset

Picking the deficiency viewpoint normally infers experiencing your days feeling that you aren’t continuing with a full life. Since the lack of attitude convinces that one person’s flourishing is another person’s mistake, you won’t pull for your mates. Your social associations may get focused, and you could be overwhelmed by opposition. Living with the scarcity mindset infers being represented by fear.

Abundance Mindset

Developing a copious attitude and abundance mentality can be simpler than you might suspect. Regardless of whether you are a plenitude mindset tenderfoot or veteran, perusing helpful statements can support certainty and fortify your duty to inspiration.

I know I can write a number of points on abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset but I wish everyone would watch this speaking about. He really conveys what I wanted to tell.

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Here are 21 top ways in which an abundance mindset will work well for you and bring success in life:

  1. An abundance mindset will help overcome the different fears encountered in life

When an individual has a scarcity mindset, he is always afraid of losing something. This prevents him from leading life to the fullest. At times they are afraid of losing their jobs, and at other times, they are afraid of losing their relationships and friends.

An abundance mindset, on the contrary, instills the confidence that you could easily get another job if you lose the one that you currently have. Similarly, if your spouse happened to leave you, you could find love again. With an abundance mindset, an individual does not fear losing friends.

What an abundance mindset does to the psyche is that it delivers the strength to move on. If one comes to figure out that things are not going one’s way, figure out the worst-case scenario, which is the worst that could happen. 

Then, one prepares oneself for the worst-case scenario and recognizes that it is the time to move on. 

It is henceforth important in life to not say no to new challenges. Either you’ll succeed or you’ll fail.

If you succeed, it will inspire you to keep taking risks in life. But in case you do not succeed, you’d come to realize that failure isn’t too bad. You will still find the strength to move on in life.

  1. Turn the negative into positive
Illustrative image showing the negative and positive side of human mind

In this world, numerous people have a bad attitude towards life. Every single day that goes by, they complain about their lives and never find the satisfaction that they deserve.

When an individual has an abundance mindset, he won’t be intrigued by such a difficulty. Instead, such an individual will come up with a way in which the negative can be turned into a positive. 

Let us consider a simple example that explains the concept. Let us suppose that an individual fails to find employment in a particular city. Even this is associated with a certain set of highs in life. One will get to stay close to one’s friends and family. These simple joys in life will last longer still and will induce more happiness in the psyche.

If a person has an abundance mindset, he will observe this development in a positive light. He will say, things could’ve been worse. 

Some bad days are always going to be there. But one should always try and see the brighter side of life.

  1. Collaborating becomes more fun than competing
Collaborating becomes more fun than competing

When one has a scarcity mindset, one tends to hold the ideas close to one’s chest. One harbors the feeling that someone or the other is going to steal their ideas, and they will henceforth be rendered useless.

Such an individual is apprehensive about showing his real face to the world. He does not want the world to know him as he is, to avoid competition. 

It is not always a great idea to share one’s ideas with the world. But in most cases, it is. One should choose to collaborate instead of competing. This brings to fore the idea that in this world, every individual stands the chance to succeed. 

When you share your idea with the world, it is unlikely that someone will want to steal it. Instead, they will work with you to materialize the idea and bring it to life.

  1. Induces generosity within an individual

An abundance mindset is likely to introduce more generosity within an individual because the people with such a mindset are positive in life. They are willing to part with the money because they know that they will eventually find the money back again.

This quality is not present in people with a scarcity mindset. They will be apprehensive about parting with the money and will feel that they need the money for themselves.

A scarcity mindset is one of the leading causes of selfish behavior. At this stage, people fail to see the bigger picture, and think only of themselves.

A trait common to all people who are successful in life is that they see beyond themselves, and figure out how their skills could benefit the people around them and the world at large. They are the people with abundance mindsets and the people who make a difference to the world.

People who have an abundance mindset frequently give a lot of gifts. But if one has come across tough times and is leading a life of scarcity, one does not have much to give away. In such times, one must volunteer one’s time to support a worthy cause. A little bit of giving goes a long way.

  1. One does not act needy

An abundance mindset helps an individual with a host of factors in life. This goes beyond one’s financial goals. With an abundance mindset, an individual’s relationships enhance. 

When a person with a scarcity mindset finds a romantic partner, he becomes clingy. People with a scarcity mindset are sure that there is only one true love in their lives, which is the one they have found. They tend to become emotionally needy and sometimes bore their partners. This does no one any good.

Ideally, one should not try and appear too needy in a relationship. When one comes across as a desperate individual, people try and avoid that person.

When you feel that you are becoming over-attached with a romantic partner, it is time to take a break and let go.

When you start loving yourself, a lot of people love you back in return. This is what the people with an abundance mindset do, and find success in their relationships.

  1. Do not fear risky propositions

For the growth of a business, risks are necessary to take. When you start a new business, there are a lot of challenges that you’d be required to overcome. There is no other way to overcome them except by taking risks. 

Upon taking a risk, you may fail. But if you want to take a chance in life, it is best to take it so you do not contemplate it in the future.

Starting a business is not the only case wherein one is required to take a risk. Let us consider another very commonplace situation.

In corporate-life, there are numerous situations wherein one is required to get transferred to a new location when one gets a promotion. At such a juncture, one is not sure about what one should do. One has to weigh the pros and cons involved with either road on the crossway. One takes a risk only when one knows that it is possible to succeed.

Having an abundance mindset helps one make the right decision. One knows that one will come across such opportunities in the future as well.

  1. Open to the new opportunities and challenges in life
Open to the new opportunities and challenges in life

An abundance mindset induces positivity in life. One can see opportunities all around him – in all people that one comes across and at all places where one goes. One is more confident in oneself and sees himself taking over the challenges that life presents before one.

One begins to see success in the offing because one believes that success can take place. Upon seeing the opportunities, one should put them to the best possible use.

When the mind is positive, one willingly scans for new opportunities and puts them to the best possible advantage.

There are numerous methodologies by which one can come across an opportunity. A friend of yours may be seeking a business partner, or you may come across an interesting partner.

All opportunities do not accumulate into a grand success. That is okay and a part of life. 

But it is the experience that one gains from taking a risk and a priceless opportunity. One never regrets taking that opportunity.

  1. Have a chilled out attitude versus the competition

Being focused on one’s competitors never does anyone any good. When one focuses on one’s competitors, one ceases making progress himself. 

There are cases wherein one has to put blinders to use, and make progress single-handed, such that one meets one target.

It is futile to worry about what your competitors are doing. There is no point in comparing one’s progress to one’s competitors and vice versa.

Bering overly focused upon one’s competitors is just about sure to induce faulty decisions in one’s life. In case when you do better, you’ll overflow with pride. But if you do not do as well, you’ll want to quit.

It is not right to compare others to yourself and vice versa. In case you feel that your competitors have just gotten started, the fact may be that they may have worked for years at a stretch to get to the juncture where they stand today. So where does the question of competition arise?

The right way to progress with things is to continue working at your own sweet pace. One should be confident and recognize that there is scope for everyone to win. 

  1. Start seeing the positive aspect of all things

People have their outlook on life. A few are in-born optimists while others are not. Some see the glass as half full while others see it as half empty. 

A person should have an outright positive attitude in life. One should invariably believe that the glass is half full and not half empty. This way, an individual turns to be more optimistic in general.

An optimistic mindset induces happiness in life. Even when a pessimist and an optimist are equally well informed, an optimist will be hoping for the best. A pessimist, on the other hand, ceases hoping even when there is something to hope for. 

It is better to be an optimist. It is only when one hopes that things turn out to be better. The episode then becomes inspirational and memorable for everyone.

Alternately, being an optimist allows one to learn, such that eventualities bear and reflect over the future in the right and requisite manner. Having a positive attitude can have a great deal of influence over one’s life.

With an optimistic outlook, one finds success in business as well. Just as an instance, let us consider that you are stipulating investing in the real estate market. 

When a pessimist invests, he would want to make sure that he invests in an upscale neighborhood only, owing to his caution. 

An optimist, on the other hand, would be on a lookout for investing in a gentrified market, because he would be confident that the prices are soon going to rise. This way, an optimist eventually makes more money. So an abundance mindset helps one make more money.

  1. One makes more money

 The first step associated with making more money is a firm belief that one can make more money. When one has a clear picture in one’s mind regarding making more money, one can work towards one’s aim and start making more money.

Individuals with an abundance mindset are better at making goals in life, which will help them achieve what they desire in life.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill recommends writing down one’s goals in life. Then one should define steps to see what one can do to achieve those goals.

Just as an instance, people with an abundance mindset are not just dreamers. They go ahead and achieve their goals because they see the possibilities in the world, and can see things happening before they happen. 

Just as an instance, when a person with an abundance mindset wants a million dollars, he won’t just say that I want a million dollars. They will figure out the ways in which they can get a million dollars.

They may chart out a plan which involves them becoming a computer programmer, and getting a six-figure salary. Then they will proceed towards their goal in a step by step manner. This may involve getting a degree in computer programming, creating a coding portfolio for oneself, and applying for jobs.

  1. Shun jealousy in their lives

Numerous people are not aware of the difference between envy and jealousy. They find it difficult to keep in tune with their emotions over the happenings in day to day life.

One feels jealousy when one is scared that someone will take away a possession.

Similarly, envy is the desire to have what the other person has and you don’t. As an example, when a colleague gets a bonus on making additional sales and you don’t, you may feel envious.

One should not allow these negative emotions to get the better of one. Instead, one should take them as a lesson and move on in life.

  1. Don’t fear the failure
Failure is the next step to success

Most people come across failure because they are not persistent. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has expressed that whenever one is encountered with defeat, it does not imply that one’s goals are faulty. It instead implies that one’s plans are faulty. So one should plan it out better and proceed in the same direction, to find success. Failure means just one thing – success is just around the corner.

  1. Express yourself

A scarcity mindset prevents people from sharing their innermost thoughts and secrets. One should understand that no one in the world wants to steal their ideas. If such cases exist, they are few.

A few such cases, however, exist when the environment is very competitive. But in most cases, this is not the problem. So, one can share his/her ideas with the people around them. This way, it becomes easier to transform those ideas into reality, when you come to realize that people can be of help.

When people have an abundance mindset, they are seldom concerned about keeping their ideas secret. They frequently share their ideas with their friends and loved ones.

Confidence is an entirely new level when one has an abundance mindset. One is confident that sharing the idea would not take away its juice. One can share the idea and still make the best of it.

Ultimately, it is your idea. No one can make the better of your idea than yourself. There is hence no point in hiding the idea.

The stuff that you can do, no one else is capable of. Let us consider an example. If a bestseller author shares his idea with an amateur writer, the amateur won’t come up with the next bestseller in the professional’s place. So there is no point in keeping the idea a secret. Keep sharing with the world. As a person becomes more open, he is more successful.

  1. Employment-wise, you’d feel more secure

In current times, numerous people struggle with job security. They’d want to feel more secure in their jobs. Nevertheless, insecurities associated with employment make them restless. 

There used to be a time, many years back wherein people used to find employment after passing out from high school. They used to stick to the same job for the rest of their lives.

The Millenial generation now has more choices at their disposal than they ever used to have earlier. Hence, they do not tend to be loyal to a single company. Instead, they keep switching jobs every few years or so. 

The companies have also taken a cue of the developments. They fire people more easily than they earlier used to do.

In such circumstances, it is natural for Millenials to be worried regarding their employment and losing their jobs. Job security is now a part of life for Millenials.

Regarding the present-day market scenario, when an individual has an abundance mindset, he will not be worried about losing his job. People with scarcity are instead more conscious about losing their jobs. This attitude defines every aspect of their lives.

An abundance mindset, instead, helps a person be sure that his skillsets are not limited to a college degree. 

An abundance mindset also makes a person more willing to learn. If an individual with an abundance mindset comes to realize that he is lagging in certain skills at any stage in his career, he is more willing to learn to be a better fit for an opportunity that comes along the way. People with an abundance mindset keep themselves updated with the latest technological changes, which augurs well for their careers.

  1. The ability to enjoy life

A life of scarcity induces fear and anxiety. One is not willing to take any risks at work or in life. Over time, one comes to realize that it has become difficult to enjoy life.

If an individual has a scarcity mindset, he would never be interested in taking time out of his employment. He would avoid doing anything that is not in his comfort zone. This includes going out with friends, or even leave the house.

An abundance mindset, alternately assures a person that it is okay to enjoy life. So you don’t mind taking time off from work to visit cafes. One recognizes that there is more to life than work and home.

  1. Successful people naturally gravitate towards individuals with an abundance mindset

A successful person has an outstanding understanding of the world around him. He can identify the people who are focused on their goals in life, from the ones who are ambitious but not focused.

When a successful person is in the company of people who follow their dreams, it is a positive experience for the successful person. This induces self-assurance and confidence.

Leading a life of abundance induces positivity in life. This comes with a belief in oneself.

This is a wonderful attitude. All successful people have an abundance mindset. The attitude is particularly attractive for the people who have already achieved success in life. 

Successful people are not amused by the people who try to imitate them. Instead, they like to be around people who do their own thing. 

Doing your own thing keeps you in the good books of successful people. An abundance mindset will help you in this regard.

  1. Lead a life free from stress and anxiety
Lead a life free from stress and anxiety

Do you find yourself to be stressed out at all times, even when you shouldn’t be? Do you sometimes come to discover that you have a pile of work that you think should be accomplished immediately? 

When people stay stressed out at all times, it leads to health issues. Problems that arise may include hypertension. This may lay an influence over your interpersonal relationships.

An abundance mindset, on the contrary, will induce freedom of mind and spirit. You do not then worry about the completion of responsibilities. Instead, one learns to calm down and tell himself that things will meet their ends in the requisite ways. 

This does not imply that one should become lazy. All it implies that one should not stress over matters unnecessarily. 

Stressing out is not a prerequisite for being productive. Instead, a little bit of planning and organization will deliver better results.

  1. Over saturation will no longer be a cause for concern

Areas of work are nowadays more competitive than they ever used to be earlier. Oversaturation is a frequently used term to describe excessive competition in a particular field. This implies that in a particular field of work, you’d come across too many people just like you who are looking to thrive and succeed.

Ideally, no one should bother about oversaturation. There is room for everyone in the world. Oversaturation should not concern you. Numerous people do not worry about oversaturation. 

People frequently feel that since a field of work is already oversaturated, the odds of finding success are null or negligible. This leads to depression, which is best avoided. 

Success is all in the mind, and having the right kind of mindset is among the surest ways to find success in life. 

If you are worried that there are loads of people out there who have the same goal in life as yourself, this should not be a cause of concern. Most of the people are eventually going to give up on pursuing those goals and start pursuing something else.

The fear of losing is the top reason why people give up on their goals. Therefore, one must upkeep a positive attitude at all times and sees if they can avoid listening to the negative people. This will help one inch further ahead towards one’s goals while having an abundance mindset.

If one has an abundance mindset, he is going to be okay with oversaturation. Show business is one of the fields afflicted by oversaturation. Too many people attempt to find success, and too few are able to achieve the same.

A person with an abundance mindset will have an intrinsic belief that I have as much talent as anyone else. If others will come across success, so will me. 

It does not matter if you are rejected 1000 times. When you find acceptance, hold on to the miracle, and it will induce a difference in your life and the lives of everyone, who matters to you.

  1. Better relationships

Scarcity gives rise to insecurity and even jealousy. A life of abundance, on the contrary, will enhance the human relationships that you have, with the people around you.

The difference between having a scarcity and abundance mindset is that if an individual has an abundance mindset, he will feel that his life partner is a wholehearted arrangement. The cosmic energy is a part of a relationship, and the marriage is no compromise.

When both partners are happy in a relationship, it creates trust in the relationship.

  1. Faith in the processes

Success is a long way ahead in life. To achieve one’s goals in life, it takes a long duration. This is even while the road to success is nicely laid ahead of one.

To achieve success in life, it is important to make sure that one has a positive attitude in life. An individual with a pessimistic attitude will give up too quickly. They will not want to undertake a task because it is too hard. Alternately, they may tend to give up because the faith in oneself is lagging.

Leading a life of optimism is different. One is willing to wait for years to achieve one’s goals in life. Optimism alone does not see one through. Instead, one is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired levels of success in life. One does not mind being inventive or unconventional.

  1. Stay focused upon the bigger picture

Success in life is easier to find when one observes the bigger picture and understands things from the perspective of the long run. Upon getting one’s perspectives right, one builds empathy towards the people around them. Correspondingly, one understands his place in society.

With a focus upon the bigger picture, smaller issues such as a single bad day would not matter.

“When we give generously, with an abundance mentality, what we give away will multiply.”

– Henri Nouwen

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How do you practice abundance?

  1. Live the satisfying life you have dreamt of
  2. Exclude scarcity from life
  3. Be thankful to what you have, show gratitude towards bits and pieces of your life
  4. Easily give and receive affections and items of high value
  5. Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired
  6. Take full advantage of and enjoy new opportunities that come your way – don’t leave the opportunity you get even if it is a small one.
  7. Create life experiences that are joyful, meaningful and memorable
  8. Feel secure and confident in your life endeavors
  9. Have a feeling of clarity and develop an ability to perceive multiple angles by listening actively and noticing what others are not seeing.
  10. Create successful outcomes out of your activities.

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time, with every person.”
-Bob Proctor

Remember, your life is full of wonderful things, more than you can ever possibly explore. When someone else gets a reward, it doesn’t mean you’re going without – it just means someone else had a good thing happen in their life and that’s something worth celebrating.

Have you ever felt that your mindset is holding you from being the person you wanted to be? Adopting an abundance mindset empowers you to work intelligently, minimize your anxiety and fear, and seize the opportunities that really matter. Trust in your abilities to create new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to let go of the bad and grab onto something better. That’s all it takes to develop a mindset of abundance. Now it’s up to you to develop an abundance mindset or get stuck with a scarcity mindset. Let me know in the comments what is holding you back from success and creating an abundance mindset.