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7 Choices to achieve your goals – Hard choices to make in life!

7 Choices to achieve your goalsHard choices to make in life! in this article author gives practical tips to achieve your desired goals. In everyone’s life, dreams play a very important role. When we actually put a date in front of the dream it becomes a goal. 

Goal setting is very essential to living a life with purpose and meaning. Our life direction in focus is driven by our goal. Kumar helps us stay motivated over the long term.

When I was in my 7th standard, my teacher said you can actually become whatever you want to  be if you actually try and work for it. I’m living that rule in my life, which has already been given a transformation in my life.

So what are those choices you have to make to achieve your life goals and see it become reality? 7 Choices to achieve your goals – Here are the seven actions you can start taking today to ensure you achieve all the goals on your pipeline.

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  1. Make a proper list: 

If you want to achieve your life goals, first you will have to determine exactly what your goals are. Goal setting should be part of your life’s journey. It should be relevant and meaningful to you.

Examples:How do you want to spend your morning hours? What excites you in your life? What hobbies of yours actually can suit your job or career?

Get Oliver goals on the paper. Jot it down and stick it wherever you can see it regularly.Read your goals every time you see them.

  1. No more questions: 

Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us. So you need to change your thought process from Can I?! to I Can. 

That’s the way to achieve your goals. Even if you are feeling that you were faking it, come on no worries you can still do it until and unless you don’t give up mentally and physically.

Negativity will come back right at you but you still have to self-talk. I can do it, I will do it and I have done it.

Visualisation techniques will help anyone to have no questions about their dreams and goals. Keep dreaming and visualising having achieved your goal; what it will feel like and what it will mean for your life and future. 

As said before, read those vision boards or your goal sheet regularly as many times as you can on a day.

  1. Be productive and balanced: 
  2. Being Productive- An action plan is the road map you can follow that will get you to become productive and be balanced. It will also help you to ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

Plan could be creating subgoals of your main goal. It’s actually breaking bigger objectives into smaller steps until you have chunks of bite-size. 

You need to stop wasting time, stop scrolling through social media wishing you had that job, lifestyle, that social life and instead, get out there and be productive.

  1. Being Balanced- It’s very easy to get obsessed with goal setting. Your hands are tied and you will do anything to get where you want to be and what you want to become. 

However, this carries the risk of being lost. You need to be realistic with your aims and goals from the very beginning.

Being self-driven and motivated is good to remember that you are also human and need rest and recuperation like everybody else.

To become more productive and at the same time to lead a balanced life, create a timetable and set aside enough time each day or week to work on your goal and relaxing and time for family.

  1. Don’t wake up super early:

 I’m not a morning person. That’s why I don’t wake up super early.

If you have a habit of staying up late at night doing your work or learning a new life skill don’t quit it for waking up super early by reading self-help books like 5:00 AM club.

I’m not saying that you don’t read but customize everything for yourself. Be yourself so that you can become the person you want to be. Don’t follow a person instead follow his ethics.

  1. Keep track of the progress: 

Along with your action plan you need to set benchmarks for yourself in order to ensure that each step you accomplish is steadily building up to your bigger vision.You will need to set milestones and make each mini goal measurable, so you know if you are getting off track.

We should always think long term. We should always know the outcome of what we’re doing. 

This means setting deadlines that are reasonable but also keep you moving forward. What is your target time frame for completing the overall goal? Work backwards from that and start setting target dates which may be weeks, months or years from now.

Each week, measure how you did And write it down, mark on a graph or chart.Fill your goal sheet with the completed subtasks so that you can easily see what needs to be done next.

It will also increase your enthusiasm towards Finishing the main goal as soon as possible, maybe before the date you have put on the goal sheet.

  1. Reward yourself on the way:

It’s very important for everyone to get rewarded. Rewards will motivate anyone. 

Celebrate it! Yes, celebrate each milestone or checkpoints. Reward yourself as you reach those checkpoints for the right and good choices you’ve made and steps towards your goal.

Rewarding also helps you for defining your responsibilities and making it clear to yourself and anyone else who is on this venture with you.

This is the part where you mature up a great way to hold yourself accountable to your own goal and to share the same with others- – So if you aren’t making study progress Kumar you will have to fess up. 

The idea is to take ownership in what you are doing and keep yourself motivated to continue.

  1. Be a sponge and achieve it:

Keep your motivation high by setting goals that are attainable and relevant to you and your life. 

Making sure your goals are meaningful, realistic and timely will help you to stay encouraged and give you an incentive to press forward. The best goals are those that connect with your intrinsic motivation; In other words, they are things you feel internally compared to peruse. 

Listen, read, observe and soak up the tips, tools and advice of people that inspire you. Check what goals did they set and how did they feel? Don’t wait – do it now. 

Finally…. what you have to do to reach your Goal?

Achieving any goal will require you to hone good habits and follow through on your responsibilities. Success doesn’t happen overnight – – it’s about making it happen, day in and day out. Developing good habits and learning techniques for being productive will help you stick to your plan.

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-Aneesh P. V 

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