17 Success Principles

Success means many things for many individuals. For some people success means to earn money for the next 3 generations, for some others, it means to live with peace of mind. For somebody, it means to live healthily. So, we can’t tell if success means this.

Success is not an accident, it is the result of constant effort, hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do. If you want to be successful, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. Everything you think, say, and do need to become intentional and aligned with your highest purpose, your values, and your goals. 

To achieve the desired outcome, one must replace complaining with making requests and taking action. You have control over only three things in your life they are – your thoughts, the images you visualize, and the actions you take (your behaviour).

The Law of Attraction says, what you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about. You can lose the material things, but you can never lose your mastery—what you learn and who you become in the process of achieving your goals.


1. Be Clear Why You’re Here: One of the great strategies for success is to act as if you already are where you want to be.

2. The world doesn’t pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do.

3. Everything you experience today is the result of the choices you have made in the past.

4. The day you change your responses is the day your life will begin to get better.

5. Complaining is an ineffective response to an event that does not produce a better outcome.

Learn to replace complaining with making requests and taking action that will achieve your desired outcomes.

6. If you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, either work to make it better or leave.

7. The only thing that will change your results is to change your behaviour.

8. One of the easiest ways to begin clarifying what you truly want is to make a list of things you want to do, things you want to have, and things you want to be before you die. This is a great way to get the ball rolling.

9. To create a balanced and successful life, your vision needs to include the following seven areas: work and career, finances, recreation and free time, health and fitness, relationships, personal goals, and contribution to the larger community.

10. If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.

11. You can lose material things, but you can never lose your mastery—what you learn and who you become in the process of achieving your goals.

12. Many people fail to take action because they’re afraid to fail. Successful people, on the other hand, realize that failure is an important part of the learning process.”

13. If you want to remain calm and peaceful as you go through life, you have to have high intention and low attachment.

14. If you want to be more successful, you have to start hanging out with more successful people.

15. An important part of any focusing regimen is to set aside time at the end of the day just before going to sleep to acknowledge your successes, review your goals, focus on your successful future, and make specific plans for what you want to accomplish the next day.”

16. If you are going to become more successful, you have to get out of denial and face what isn’t working in your life.

17. Successful people adhere to the ‘no exceptions rule’ when it comes to their daily disciplines.

When you do something you love with passion and perseverance, you are already a successful person.

The most successful people love what they do so much; they would actually do it for free. Ask yourself, ‘what I am doing?’ If you can get in touch with that, it is a lot easier to get enthusiastic about whatever it is that you have to do.”

Successful people speak words of inclusion rather than words of separation, words of acceptance rather than words of rejection, and words of tolerance rather than words of prejudice.

Always ask yourself, ‘Is what I am about to say going to advance the cause of my vision, mission, and goals? Will it uplift the hearer? Will it inspire, motivate, and create forward momentum? Will it dissolve fear and create safety and trust? Will it build self-esteem, self-confidence, and willingness to risk and take action?’ If not, find words that will change everything.

If you choose to live by a higher set of standards, you get to watch people respond enthusiastically toward you. When you establish a higher level of personal standards, not only do you get better treatment from those around you, but suddenly you also begin attracting others with the same elevated standards.

To become wealthy, you’ll need to surface, identify, root out, and replace any negative or limiting beliefs you may have about money. Ask yourself – what you’re buying is a need or a want. There is a big difference. To learn and grow in life, you need to be teachable, too. 

To be successful today we should always remember the following points

Key to success in life
  • Transform Yourself for Success

Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs. Develop Four New Success Habits. Fuel Your Success with Passion and Enthusiasm

  • Build Your Success Team

Build a Powerful Support Team and delegate to them. Become a Leader Worth Following. Hire a Personal Coach. Mastermind Your Way to Success.

  • Create Successful Relationships

Speak with Impeccability. When in Doubt, Check It Out. Practice Uncommon Appreciation. Develop a Positive Money Consciousness. To Spend More, First Make More. Give More to Get More.

  • Success in the Digital Age

Master the Technology You Need. Use Social Media in a Way That Enhances Your Reputation. Connect with People Who Can Expand Your Vision. At the end of the day your eyes should sparkle with the joy of success. “Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction”.

We can draw inference and come to a conclusion that there is no short cut for success. DNA of success is Constant and focussed effort, Discipline and Dedication.

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