15 ways to dream big and make it happen

15 ways to dream big and make it happen

Rising beyond the mediocre and the average withholds the key to happiness. This article undertakes an informative and in-depth journey into the ways in which one dreams big. This is all about how one sets one’s goals in life and endeavours to achieve them. We describe the life cycle of a dream and how it affects our existence in numerous ways across its varied aspects. 

Dreaming big is no new concept by any means and has been around for centuries. Dreaming big, thinking big, following one’s dreams, and living one’s dreams are commonplace ideas that we have frequently heard about, time and again. This article attempts to materialize those ideas into reality such that every reader can capture them in their true essence.

We come across inspirational quotes regarding dreaming big. Here we attempt to capture the true meaning of the quotes and inspire readers to dream big in every meaning of the word.

What is a dream?

Dreaming big has a lot to do with one’s ambition in life. One strives and then succeeds in achieving one’s ambition, and improves one’s lot in life.

Life without ambition runs the risk of running out of juice and becoming mundane. It’s okay to visualize oneself achieving the pinnacle of success in life and fanaticize about the same. 

A dreamer should recognize that he is not alone. There are millions of dreamers around the world, just like him who dream of having a higher life. 

The society sometimes rejects dreamers and classifies them as pure noise. But they should realize that they should dream on, and strive to achieve their ambitions in life. Each of the successful people in life is ambitious and dream big. This helps them materialize the dreams that they have in life. Dreaming big and dreaming often brings numerous benefits with it. This enlightens the mind, spirit, and soul, and paves the way for a better life.

What does it mean to dream big?

When a person dreams big, he holds close the vision of a better life and doesn’t let go. A dreamer recognizes that achieving his ambitions is going to be an uphill task, but such is his commitment, that he doesn’t let go. 

Through the path of achieving his dreams, a dreamer is encountered with setbacks and failures. But they fail to deter him, and he is dedicated to achieving a life of abundance. A dreamer may have a tough path on the road to success. But he recognizes that when compared to his ambition, these difficulties are but futile. People who have achieved a big goal in life recognize the truth that lies behind the statement.

It is then, important to recognize that while dreamers are numerous, they are all different from one another. They have similarities and differences, because their ambitions may be different as well.

Not all people hold close to their dreams. Over time, some people recognize that their priorities in life have changed. What they now want to achieve in life is different from what they wanted to achieve a decade back and so on.

This too is okay. It is absolutely fine to change one’s priorities in life. One can dream big, and change one’s dreams based upon the ground realities present in one’s life. 

But ultimately, giving up on one’s dream can be associated with giving in to the pressures that life puts upon. A true dreamer never gives up upon his dreams. He may alternatively dream of a greater project when he does accomplish his dream. Or he may over time come to realize that his original dream had some flaws and shortcomings. He can update it with a newer version of his dream. Life becomes substantial only when one is ambitious. It is this ambition that imparts within one the strength to move the mountains.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When a person begins to march towards his ambitions in life, he begins to see and observe how close they are towards the ground realities in life, what is okay, and is there room for change and improvement.

Why should I dream big?

  1. It keeps the excitement and anticipation levels high

When one dreams big, one wants to achieve something essential for one’s life. This keeps one excited and motivated and inspires on to March ahead. It generates positive energy, which is inherently contagious. This positive energy transmits from one sphere in life to the other. 

Positive vibes hence fill one’s life and keep one energetic, genial, and delighted. One transmits this positive energy into the environment and onto all people, one comes across.

With the high levels of excitement that dreaming big induces, one is empowered to achieve his goals in life, both personal and professional. Dreaming big is hence an excellent implement that works towards enhancing one’s quality of life.

Students are frequently inspired to dream big. But this does not end then and there itself. Dreaming big should not end then and there itself. Dreaming big should be a characteristic laid deep into the psyche of every individual, at every stage in life.

  1. Equips one better to deal with various challenges in life

Upon dreaming big, one sets a goal for himself in life. Thereafter, one deeply considers and implements his abilities to accomplish that goal.

Enhanced abilities empower one to handle and tackle different sorts of challenges in life. Dreaming big allows one to discover one’s inherent abilities in life. This helps one through at every stage in one’s life.

  1. One overcomes the beliefs in life that hold one back

One’s dreams are resources that take one beyond the current limitations in life. So one should dream large and never ignore one’s dreams. 

An individual’s beliefs in life define the reality that he creates for oneself. But when an individual dreams big, he overcomes the beliefs that existed earlier and build a new life. On should correspondingly make a conscious effort towards dreaming big in life. 

  1. Develop new habits

Dreaming big calls on one to evaluate what one does and how one does it. In all likelihood, your current habits are found lagging in the tenacity to help you cover the distance. 

Hence as one analyses one’s dreams in life, one picks up a different set of habits that are the best placed to help one achieve one’s dreams in life. One not just picks up new habits, but new behaviours as well. 

With the new habits and behaviours, your quality of life improves. It inspires one towards doing things better in life.

How should I dream?

Children are programmed to dream big. It’s a part of their DNA. Adults are sometimes bound back by limitations. But this is not the case with children, who always dream big.

Children can be fiercely ambitious. They may want two swimming pools for Christmas, one for the backyard and one for the front. But the spirit essentially is lively. Adults too should be ambitious and should think that way.

Let the world not judge your dreams as vague and unrealistic. Feel free to express your dreams to your friends and loved ones, but do not let their criticism bog you down.

If your dream is something that does not find close sync with what society believes is the right way to lead a life, you should still not be worried regarding the outcomes. Pursue your dreams relentlessly and leave room for caution only when absolutely necessary.

When society does not approve of your dreams, it does not make your ideas defunct. You can still achieve them by being committed to them. It keeps the child within one alive. If you do not find your dreams to be scary, your dreams may not be large enough.

One should also recognize that we ourselves are the greatest enemies of our dreams. When we are committed to achieving our ideas, societal pressure wouldn’t mean a thing.

15 ways to dream big and make it happen

Creating you dream big
  1. Let the stories of great people inspire you

Stories of great people are among the finest ways to challenge the beliefs that hold one back. The great people weren’t born that way. Instead, they got started at a certain point. 

Great people are more likely than not to have had humble beginnings. Reading the stories of their lives will inspire us. One should read about their lives, and especially about the ways in which they got started. One is then empowered to open up his mind to the new possibilities.

When reading great people’s stories, put them in their shoes instead of being a mere spectator. This will show you ways to overcome challenges. 

  1. Jot down your dreams

It is a busy life that we nowadays lead. People find it difficult to spare time for many things. In such circumstances, it is easy for a dream to be forgotten. 

To make sure that your dreams are not forgotten, it is a fine idea to jot them down. This will put you in a position to remind yourself regarding your dreams.

If you have a great dream that you would never want to forget, Jot it down nicely and put it in a picture frame close to where you sleep. Gentle reminders towards your dreams will work nicely for your life.

  1. Fight your dreams out

Most people have dreams, but not all of them are able to materialize their dreams. What is it that makes the difference between the people who materialize their dreams and those that don’t?

Ultimately, it is all in the mind. Having a perfect plan is no necessity. There are cases wherein people have to update their plans as they go along the way. They do not stick to the same plan forever and ever. As time passes, based upon your requirements, update your plan and start from a fresh perspective. 

Updating plans equips one better to tackle a particular situation effectively. It is of utmost importance to think about your dream.

  1. Make a sacrifice daily

A few of the dreams are huge. It is difficult to accomplish them in a single day. One has to put in the effort every day.

This is similar to eating an elephant. One cannot eat an elephant in a day. But what one can do is to take a few bites every day.

If your dream is very large, don’t let the magnitude of the dream overwhelm you. Instead, take a step forward each day. Achieve your dream, one step at a time.

When you are consistent, you will make significant progress over time.

  1. Expect to find challenges along the way

If you are at a stage in life wherein you are working upon your dreams, you can expect to come across difficulties along the path. It will not be a very smooth ride. Some difficulties will definitely be along the way. But this should not bog one down. Instead, one should be prepared to meet the challenges encountered head-on.

Be prepared and expect challenges in advance. Henceforth, when the challenges actually show up, you will not feel disheartened. Instead, you’ll keep progressing in your path.

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  1. Beware of the average

Never be scared to dream, even while people around you recommend otherwise. There are cases wherein the people around recommend that you lead a normal life. Leading a normal life, however, is not the way to lead life to the fullest. So don’t be pulled down to the average. Instead, make it large.

  1. Flat seasons are normal

In pursuit of dreams, there are frequently times when one feels that one is stuck. Meaningful progress never takes place in such phases. Such times are sometimes defined as a rut or getting stuck in a rut.

When one is stuck in a rut, it is a commonplace tendency to give up on one’s dreams. But that is exactly what one should avoid.

When one does not see progress happening for a long time, one becomes disheartened and develops the tendency to give up on one’s dreams. Ideally, one should recognize that the flat season is normal in life. It happens to everyone and everyone should go through it. There are no exceptions.

The troubles that we encounter in life when we venture out to chase our dreams are meant to make us stronger. So, one should come out strong from the troubles faced on the road to one’s dreams. One should not give up one’s dreams.

In troubled times, instead, one should see what one can do to improve upon oneself. If the progress is not mighty, take small steps towards one’s goal. Keep itching towards success and keep the spirit alive. 

Over time, you’d come across a new season wherein you find that you are able to meet the challenges head-on and strive towards greater heights.

  1. Be specific

For a dreamer, it is important to articulate his dream. While one does not know what one wants to achieve, it is difficult to achieve the same. So, one should have a path and a strategy ready for oneself, such that one can get started instantly.

It is important to be precise when defining one’s goal. One can then chart out a plan to make things happen. Let us consider an instance. Suppose X hates his job. A has to ask himself if he wants to change his job. No one can answer the question for him. X himself has to do some soul searching and come up with the right kind of an answer. 

X now requires an action plan to put his dream to realization. He should try and figure out what his new job should look like? What similarities should it have with his prior employment, and what are the differences that he wants his job to have.

X should consider the job location where he wants to work. What should his office appear as? What kind of colleagues does he want to work with, and what kind of work does he want to do?

Similarly, X may ponder over his work attire. What kind of snacks would he have during breaks? When X asks these questions to himself, he will get an in-depth view of his strengths, and his weaknesses as well. 

It is a great idea to jot down the answers, using a pen and paper, a PC, or one’s smartphone. He will then have a chance at referencing those answers at a later point in time.

  1. Let fear not be counterproductive

Fear is a necessary part of life and helps us make better decisions and keep ourselves safer. But we lead a fine life in the era, and it is okay to temporarily put fear out of the equation.

When one puts fear out of the equation, it incessantly changes things for better. This empowers one to do some soul searching. One is likely to discover the origins of the problems he is facing in his life and the little tricks that can transform things for better. This is the essence of dreaming big and makes things happen. When one shuns the fear, one can dream big and materialize his dreams as well.

There are numerous aspects of life that a dreamer may fear. Is it sheer failure that you fear, or the financial aspects associated with the same? Are you worried about letting people down, or cannot stand the idea of letting yourself down? 

Soul searching of this kind separates the fear from your dream. This bestows over one the strength to move forward in life, even while the fear exists. One lives gleefully with the fear, leads a fuller life, and makes better decisions. 

Identify your fears, and ask yourself if they deserve to be as powerful as you make them to be. This way, one can put an action plan in place to tackle one’s fears. 

  1. Induce the strength of positive visualization in life

Positive visualization has the strength to transform situations. It sends out positive vibes, which empower one to itch closer to one’s dreams and goals in life.

With positive visualization, unnecessary stress in life is done away with while the mind transcends to an entirely different landscape of peace and containment. Believing is the first step towards realization, and the same is achieved through the means of positive visualization. 

There’s this famous quote by Richard Bach, “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”

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  1. Shun the forced negativity in life

When the time is right for you to pursue your dreams, the naysayers are unlikely to do you any good. People are seldom found lagging in terms of negativity. They are likely to have as much as they require. Additional negativity promoted by naysayers is unlikely to amuse people. 

So, when you set out to pursue your dreams, you should inform friends, family, and loved ones that you are more open towards encouragement.

  1. Do not let your inner critic define your life

Each person has an inner critic in life. When you set out to pursue your dreams, the voice of the inner critic is best blocked out. 

It is unlikely to be easy to entirely block out the voice of the inner critic within you. But one should attempt hard to succeed and muffle down the voice of the inner critic.

The inner critic might be your greatest enemy when you attempt to dream big. When the fight with the inner critic is through, half the battle is won.

  1. Fly with the eagles

Even if you have been a sparrow all your life, dreaming big is more like being an eagle. How does one be an eagle? One acts like an eagle when one is focused, farsighted, ambitious, and not afraid. One scales greater heights in life, which is important for one to dream big and achieve one’s dreams in life.

Being an eagle is associated with an individual’s self-worth. One should believe in one’s ideas and have a high opinion of oneself. When you see yourself in a positive light, the people around will be inspired to do the same. Let your spirits soar high in the pursuit of your dreams.

  1. Go with the flow

Dreaming big is a basic idea, in terms of the simplicity it has. There are no shortcuts to success. The vast majority of successful people in the world have reached their dreams after putting in years of hard work with sincere and dedicated devotion.

Once you have chosen the direction in which you must venture to attain success, shun the fear and be a part of the wave which glides you ahead.

Fighting the current may not always be the best way to and resistance may not always be fruitful. At times, the best path ahead is to give up the fight and welcome all that life offers with open arms. In acceptance lie the true seeds of success in life. Dreaming big and making it large in life are the means of achieving the same ends. It is then equally important to have fun at it.

  1. Be persistent

Being persistent is one of the classic guidelines for achieving success. We are nowadays presented with more opportunities, than were available with people a century back. With each passing decade, the numbers of opportunities available at our disposal are more. There is a lot more that one can do with his life.

It still pays to be persistent. Dream big and strive to achieve your goals. The joy and satisfaction that it will bring to life will be priceless. If you don’t succeed the first time over, persist and try again.

What does it mean when you dream about your goals?

Dreaming about your goals is a sure sign that you are on the right track in life, and are itching towards the materialization of your goals. This may be a better life for yourself or your loved ones, a more ambitious outlook towards life, or achievement of the degree of success that you always desired to have in life.

By directing your dreams right and itching towards achieving them, the world is at your footstep and the sky is the limit.


It is right to dare to dream big and not be discouraged by the criticism the world presents before you. Instead, one should be possessed with a single-minded focus towards one’s dreams. 

It is not important to go all the way in a single day. Instead one can start by taking little steps towards success in life.

Just do a single task every day, which takes you closer to your dream. This will start building momentum, and you will be closer to your dream with each passing day.

Don’t just lose your dream along the way. Hold on it and see it become a reality!

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