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10 Life skills – to be mastered

10 Life skills – to be mastered are discussed by the author in this article. It is said that “Life is a vast dangerous sky,”.. This is due to the fact that human life is full of unknowns. It presents us with both chances and threats. To deal with the uncertainties of life, one must possess certain abilities. Life skills are tools that provide a person the bravery and strength to confront life’s obstacles.  For the full involvement in our lives and enjoyment of the lovely lives that God has bestowed upon us, life skills are very much needed.

10 Life skills – to be mastered – Important Life skills

10 Skills to be Mastered

Stress management, positive thinking, problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, inter personal skills, decision making, creative thinking, coping with emotions, and empathy are all crucial life skills to develop, according to WHO, UNESCO, and UNICEF. Exploration of good alternatives when a problem emerges is only possible if one possesses these abilities. One gains the ability to weigh the benefits and draw conclusions.

Stress management

Meaning of Stress. What is Stress?

Stress is a mental state in which you are unable to make sensible decisions due to your inability to manage your emotions. Increased heartbeat, perspiration, shivering, hypertension, and other symptoms of stress are common. It exerts pressure on a person’s psyche, allowing him to cope calmly with any scenario. Stress causes physical, emotional, and psychological strain. People frequently take stress management training to learn how to deal with such pressures in a healthier way.

Regular exercise, thanking God for a new day, setting goals for the new day, attempting to be self-motivated, and having a circle of good friends are some of the stress-relieving tactics. Your face will grin and your eyes will glow if you manage your stress effectively

Positive thinking

Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam on Positive Thinking.

When you wake up in the morning, think of five lines: “I am the best,” “I can do it,” “God is always with me,” “I am a winner,” and “Today is my day,” according to Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam. These statements invigorate a person’s spirit and encourage them to think positively. This upbeat attitude affects our psychological and emotional well-being. True, it is difficult to change one’s negative thoughts into positive ones, but if we work hard enough, we can find good qualities in every scenario.

Relaxation techniques, as well as diverting our negativity-filled minds through various activities, are some of the methods for instilling optimistic behavior in us.

It makes us feel better and helps us cope with life’s challenges. Always consider the opposite side of your problem rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. Begin to appreciate yourself, your work, your family, and your surroundings… Think that every cloud has a silver lining.


This is a technique for determining the most friendly answer to difficulties that arise in life. There is no one who does not face difficulties in life. It is preferable if we have the ability to approach difficulties with tact. Even if we lack such abilities, we should not give up or evade the situation. Because “winners never quit, and quitters never win,” according to a well-known statement. To overcome a problem, we must first identify the problem’s core cause, search for alternative solutions, make the best decision, and implement it systematically.

Communication skill

This is a talent that allows us to overcome any obstacles in our lives. If one does not understand how to communicate, all of one’s knowledge and intelligence will be wasted. Communication is the exchange of information, such as facts, figures, and messages, between a sender and a recipient. This ability serves as a foundation for coordination, decision-making, cooperation, and peace. As a result, we should strive to be successful communicators, which require us to actively listen, communicate our emotions effectively, and get feedback from those around us. In both personal and professional life, effective communication is essential. This is a simple technique that makes us a better collaborator and team member.

Critical thinking

 When a person makes a sensible, logical, and organized decision based on facts and figures available, this is referred to as critical thinking. When one employs his critical thinking ability, solving a problem is not a “Rocket science.” Identifying the problem, comprehending the cause, collecting data related to it, appropriately organizing it, creating a viable solution, and implementing it are all steps that a person does when confronted with a problem.

 Decisions making

Decisions are the most difficult to make because they determine your fate. Correct decisions will transform your life permanently. When there are multiple possibilities, a person will employ this expertise. A person chooses the optimal course of action from the available options in this cognitive process. Any issue can be resolved through a thorough decision-making process. All of your efforts could be ruined if you make rash decisions. As a result, one person should first characterize the problem before gathering information about it. Based on the information gathered, the optimal alternative should be chosen and correctly implemented.

Interpersonal skill

This is a people’s skill that allows a person to effectively engage with others. This ability allows a person to form good relationships with others. In today’s competitive environment, a person’s ability to socialize is essential for success. One can have a beneficial impact on others by incorporating this soft talent.

Creative thinking

it is a soft skill that allows a person to think creatively and with larger horizons. If we think imaginatively, we can stand out in a crowd. Using our creative thinking abilities, we can do work in a different way. A creative thinker’s strength is in analyzing an issue from a different perspective and coming up with a new solution. This skill aids in the improvement of problem-solving abilities as well as the capacity to perceive things from other people’s perspectives.

Coping with emotions

 Emotion is a mental state that causes a person to act in a certain way. Everyone is under extreme mental strain in this fast-paced, competitive environment. Coping with our emotions aids in getting  the right solution for our issues. Whatever the situation, one should maintain self-control while also not suppressing feelings. It is easier to have a balanced existence if you can control your emotions.


Explanation of the term "EMPATHY" by Alfred Adler.

It’s the ability to detect the emotions of others. Empathetic people may see things from the perspective of others and put themselves in their shoes. “Empathy is seeing with another’s eyes, hearing with another’s ears, and feeling with another’s heart”-Alfred Adler

Showing empathy is nothing but human care in action by adding value to others life. If you listen to other people’s issues, imagine how they feel, are saddened by tragic events, and find it difficult to set boundaries in your relationships with others, these are warning flags

Managing personal and professional life is not a simple chore for a responsible adult. Basic life skills aid in maintaining a healthy personal and professional life. A life skill isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you can work on over time. Incorporating essential life skills into our daily activities aids in achieving the objective more quickly. We may live a more productive and fulfilling life by constantly learning new abilities. As a result, mastery of these life skills is essential.

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