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10 amazing things to do in your 20s?

10 amazing things to do in your 20s is the most relevant aspect to be shared with our youth. Everyone is worried about what they want to be, how they are going to do it, how it is going to happen. Generally, all these thoughts run around in our heads, pressure invading from all the ends, family, society etc. What we don’t realize in this rush is, are we actually focusing on what is important or are we just going about doing what others have got themselves figured out. 

There’s pressure right from high school, no doubt, but the unwanted pestering just breaks us down mentally and physically. We are so subconsciously focused on getting our lives sorted that we end up making the wrong choices, because we are in a constant run towards sorting things that are not rightly in our control right away.

By this I mean to say, just the whole thought of getting your act together is not enough, the action on it is what is important as, there would always be choices, and the choices that you make would help you get your act together sooner or later. I am not saying all your decisions will be right, but practicing on what you need to focus is what is going to design your lanes in getting sorted. 

So, once we have crossed the whole teen phase, we realize our family has their expectations on us, our own needs to accomplish, our goals. That’s where the question arises, what you should do once you cross your teen phase and enter into your 20’s.

10 amazing things to do in your 20s An important question we fail to answer. Hence, I am here to point it out for you as to what you should do in your 20s, and how it is going to help you, or your children or your grandchildren. I wish I had pondered on this thought a little earlier in my life, I would have been in a much better headspace than I already am. Let’s get started with the topic. 

1. Mind your thoughts: 

This is the first and foremost amazing thing to do in your 20’s. Why is it important to mind your thoughts?and also relax your mind and slow down your thoughts is much essential in today’s stressful life. Well, when you jump into your 20’s, your mind is all over the horizon, unable to decide what it wants. The whole passing phase of puberty, College life, trends going about around you make you nuts; you find yourself being a wanderer within different genres. Hence handling your thoughts would help you be sane in those genres. I know the next question arising in your brain is how do I handle my thoughts? Find yourself a guide who would help guide you through the right destination. 

2. Choose a right guide: 

Most of the individuals in their 20’s act over smart, they feel like having a guide is outdated, everything is available just 1 click away on your smartphones via various apps. I understand, but having someone head-to-head is a whole different scenario. Your guide could be anyone who isn’t of your age, well experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. It could be your parents, your seniors in college, your teachers, counselors, anyone you know and acknowledge.

  • You have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself.

3. Skip having a lot of unwanted friends: 

On an average you could have 1-15 friends, is what scientists say. But It’s important to note that the research didn’t take into account self-reported meaningful friendships. By this it is quite obvious that we should be having meaningful friends on whom we could rely, who would help us grow in terms of morals, values, and life. While having unwanted friends is only going to squander your time, friends who nag around on their parents’ fortune. 

  • Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher. 

4. Stop being a gossip monger and focus on building yourself: 

Usually you are known for the behavior you portray. Portray yourself well mannered within the environment, by that I mean stop using your tongue more than required. Don’t be seated on a table of gossip mongers. It’s not going to help you evolve in life, you’re not gaining anything out of it, instead you’re pouring negativity in your brain which withholds you from the other positives that you would learn being around a group of creatives. 

  • Do not sit on a table with the gossip mongers, because when you get up, you’re the next topic. 

5. Stop comparing yourself with others:

 It is very important amazing thing which will give new direction during your 20’s. When you stop comparing yourself to others and turn your focus inward, you start being better at what really matters. Believe it or not comparison is only holding you back from what you want to achieve, why? Because we are so involved in comparing the worst of ourselves with the best in others, that we also give up on the talents and skills that we have inherently present in us. Practice the below steps in scenarios where you see yourself comparing: 

a) Start journaling all your insecurities. b) Jot down questions as to why these insecurities have aroused. c) Apply a method by which you get rid of your insecurities step by step. d) Rate your insecurities from 1-10 and ask yourself is it worth it. e) Apply positive thoughts instead of insecurities. 

Tip: Anytime you generate feeling insecure, use the swap method, which is changing your thoughts about it instantly. 

6. Be compassionate: 

As we all know we live in the 21st century, where each one of us wants to be superior to the other. We are running at a pace where we lose track on being humans and work like robots in order to mint a lot of money. That’s where we forget being compassionate is one of the main traits we should be working on. Being in our 20’s the one quality that we should undeniably practice is being compassionate, not that other qualities don’t matter, consider being compassionate as one of the greatest qualities as many individuals lack it and that would allow you to help people in ways that are unimaginable. 

7. Stop being disagreeable: 

Everyone’s opinion matters, the sooner we acknowledge that in our 20’s the less chaotic our worlds would be. There would be times when you disagree and that is normal, but learn the art of agreeing to the possibilities of it happening. Asking careful, thoughtful questions opens up the opportunity to find common ground. You may learn things that change your perspective.

The person you disagree with has time to consider possible obstacles and change his or her viewpoint. At times, you may not be able to resolve the problem. You cannot find middle ground. No one is willing to change. This may be the time to step back and simply agree to disagree. You can show respect for the other person and their idea, even as you show respect for your value and plan.

  • If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable, then you have mastered the secret of getting along- Bernard

8. Stop daydreaming/over thinking: Is it normal to daydream all the time?

While some amount of daydreaming is normal, excessive daydreaming can affect your daily life and make your day-to-day activities difficult. This is a recently identified disorder and researchers are still learning more about the condition. Day dreaming could also be called overthinking which only leads to lack of being in the present. Identify why your patterns are as such and what leads you to daydreaming. Daydreaming could lead to loss of memory over a period of time, as your mind isn’t on a stable spot. Hence get yourself together, track your thoughts and try to understand why it is happening. 

  • Tips: – Keep your mind busy with things that you would like to do.
  • Meditate and practice thought diffusion.
  • Consciously bring your thoughts into the present; let not your past and future consume you.

9. Stop pleasing others: 

You only live once and if you live it right there would be no guilt, no regret that would haunt you or follow you. Recognize what needs to be done and how. In the process of recognizing you need not seek appreciation or pleasure to attain what needs to be done. Remember it’s you who has to reach a certain height, with or without others. Therefore, stop expecting anything out of anyone, or stop overdoing just so that you could please others. 

  • Always remember it’s you today, against yourself yesterday.

10. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for every challenge: 

Being young could be tempting. You want to put your hand in everything possible, but the chances of achieving all of it are minimal or null. It isn’t because you’re not phenomenal at what you got into, it’s just the load to handle all at once, which is only going to make you fall. Hence, you have got to train yourself mentally, that is by confessing it yourself that ‘I AM GOING TO TAKE ONE-STEP AT A TIME’. Be it big or small in whatever that you want to do. 

Being in your 20s is definitely hard as you have to fulfill a lot of expectations that surround you, and so I would like to end with the nicest quote I have come across.  The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new. 

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