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The Next Dream – Motivation 101 with Loy

Simple life lessons of the week, we’ve got another story today!

A few evenings ago, much before the days of the lockdown took over our lives, my family and I were in on our way to an event. We were all holed up safe inside the ray blue Baleno with Alan Jackson crooning on some light country songs filling up the air as we scurried through the infamous Bangalore traffic. I looked at my Tissot. The traffic was definitely eating up into the travel time.

As I softly braked for the millionth time, I turned around to notice a swanky black Audi A3 right next to me, helplessly waiting to get out of the traffic. As I continued to admire the beauty on display, I couldn’t help get into a little reverie about the time when I would own it one day; about how I would drive it around and how I’d take care of her.

The Audi owner’s prayers were answered and his lane started to move on and the car behind him now stopped right next to me.

A 1960 Premier Padmini. A classic old Indian machine owned by all the uber-rich businessmen of the 50s and the 60s.

Though the question is definitely not about how I know the manufacturing year of the car, something hit me real hard! Approximately, 10 years back, my family had a Premier Padmini and at that time, I dreamt of a better car, and then I had one – A Hyundai Santro, and then whilst living that dream, I dreamed of yet a better one and again I did it. And now I was doing the same – Dreaming about the next.

Happiness is a choice; You can chose to be happy with what you have or keep disappointed thinking what you doesn't have - Simple life lessons
Happiness is a choise

The question that arises out of this was when will I ‘live’ my present if I keep dreaming or thinking about the future?

If I do not live and enjoy the dreams that I have achieved as of today, I will forever live in dissatisfaction for something that is yet to be achieved, because there will always be. Probably, ten years down the line, when I buy the Audi (God willing), my eyes at the traffic jam at that time, will be on something much better.

My lane moved ahead and I halted, in the next ten seconds, beside a Hyundai Santro. I looked at the driver and smiled. He pulled down his window and wanted to ask me something, so I clicked the button for the driver’s side window to slide smoothly down.

‘Hey, that’s a lovely car! Plan to buy it in the next three years. How much did you pay on the road?’

I smiled.

#02 of our simple life lessons for the day:

Happiness is a choice; You can choose to be happy with what you have or keep disappointed thinking about what you don’t have

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Happiness is a choice

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